Grandkids Are Making Grandparent-Friendly Remote Controls And They’re Brilliant

These are genius.

If you’ve ever had to help your parent or grandparent know how to “turn this blasted thing down” when referring to the TV, then you understand that the struggle of grandparent vs. remote is real. And some clever folks online came up with a few creative ways to fix this problem. All it took was a little tape. Or in some instances, sticky notes.

You see, some wise grandkids came up with ways to “grandma-ify” or “grandpa-ify” remotes so that all of the essential buttons stand out while the non-essential buttons are covered and therefore safe from being pressed.


All these youngsters really had to do was cover everything but the volume, power and digit buttons so they could change channels, adjust the sound and shut off the TV whenever they pleased, with ease!


We may not fully understand what it is about grandparents and remotes until we’re that age ourselves. I mean, is it that the buttons are too small to read? Is the sheer amount of buttons purely overwhelming?

Your guess is as good as mine!


Until that mystery is solved, there are some ways to circumvent the issue, thanks to the remote fixes that are being shared on social media. Just look at how these folks were able to make their TV controllers so much more manageable (for all ages)!


I love how this person even took the time to write down what channel PBS was. Sometimes you can never remember. Plus, the pink color is a nice addition. It must make this remote even easier to spot.

Only the essential buttons are there now. Doesn’t get more simple than that!

Sometimes just a button or two will do. Did this person go overboard? I think not!

Nothing a little painter’s tape can’t fix, right?

And sometimes it’s not about using the remote. Oh no, it’s about finding which one to use. Looks like someone needs a universal remote for Christmas!

Would you do this for your parents or grandparents?

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]