There’s A Hilarious Mistake In This Cute Shark Blanket A Grandma Made For Her Grandson

It starts innocently enough. Your birthday is coming, grandma grabs her yarn and gets to work on a sweater or hat, maybe a pair of gloves. Or better yet, a warm blanket so you can always think of her as you’re drifting off to sleep.

Some ambitious grandmas go beyond the call of duty with their knitting projects. Case in point, the crafty grandmother who made her grandson a super-cool shark blanket! (This is sort of like the boy version of the mermaid blankets that are all the rage!)

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Sadly, but hilariously, this particular shark blanket went horribly wrong. Imgur user newrapson posted a photo of the blanket on April 2. Since then, it’s racked up nearly 115,000 views.

Why the fuss? Well, grandma’s placement of the shark fin is, shall we say, unfortunate. Have a look for yourself.


We can’t help but wonder if grandma thought about the fin at any point while she was knitting. (“Hmm, is this fin a good idea? Where exactly will the fin hit when my grandson is snuggling under this blanket?”)

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We may never know the answers to those questions, but let’s cut dear, old granny some slack.

It’s pretty hard to know how a garment (blanket, in this case) will look until a person is actually wearing it. Plus, the recipient of the blanket looks rather young, so we’re guessing he probably has no idea just how awesome his blanket actually is.

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While the grandma and her grandson might be blissfully unaware, the internet is having a good laugh about the funny placement of the shark fin. In addition to the good-natured jokes, most Imgur commentators are actually saying they want an awkward shark blanket of their own.



Imgur user CassieBush also commented on the post, writing that the boy in the photo is her son and that “he loves his grandma and he loves his blanket!”

How can you not love this funny blanket?! Keep on knitting, grandma!