‘Grandmillennial’ is the newest home decor style you should know about

If you’re in love with home design concepts that others might consider “stuffy” or a touch out of date, you might be part of a new movement that’s gaining traction right now, which infuses timeless and classic materials with a contemporary spin.

You might describe this hot trend in decorating as Instagram meets Grandma. Rather than dubbing it “Instagrammy,” those in the know have wisely opted to refer to it as “grandmillenial” style. The design trend is taking Instagram, Pinterest and television by storm — and with good reason.

Here’s an example of the style from @feelrooted, an Instagram page “For All Millennials With Old Souls.” You can see plenty of traditional touches that are full of personality, with a clean and bright look more associated with modern design.


Not Your Mom’s Shabby Chic

“House Beautiful’s” Emma Bazilia has been credited with labeling the portmanteau (you can take her quiz to see if you are a grandmillenial). And while it might be a spinoff of the infamous “granny chic” design style, grandmillenial design has a flavor all its own.

This trend veers away from the defined lines and sleek surfaces of midcentury modern. Instead, it brings in homey, nostalgic pieces, albeit often with a modern update.

Porcelain and earthenware pieces rest on mantles and end tables. Furnishings are made of wicker or upholstered in blocked prints or floral chintz patterned-fabric. The more prints and patterns, the better. An eclectic mix including needlepoint, fringes, and period pieces are married with fresh, modern decor in a comfortable and welcoming manner.

Simply put, it is a fresh, sophisticated take on sweet memories and a fondness for Grandma’s hand-me-downs. Here’s an example of the style from Instagrammer @annaklogan.


Putting Your Own Spin On The Style

Erin Napier of HGTV’s hit series “Home Town” has been an early adopter of the trend.

“It takes a level of lived-in comfort and collectedness in a home to make it feel complete and real,” Napier told HGTV.com. “That’s the hallmark of a ‘more is more’ grandmillennial style in my opinion.”

If you want to adopt this look, consider the collections you already have or dream of accumulating. Search out furnishings that invite relaxation or togetherness. Of course, social media can inspire you, as well.

For instance, @julie_ann_rachelle posted this pic, stating, “You might like grandmillenial style if you like to needlepoint, have seen the newest version of the movie ‘Little Women,’ love matching wallpaper and window treatments, and love dark wood furniture.”


Pieces that have significant meaning to you are especially appealing.

Instagrammer @brittanyshepard shared this photo of vintage plates that are special to her family, writing, “Finally completed a project that’s been on my #todolist for months … a gallery wall of collected souvenir plates from places my family traveled growing up and places that I’ve traveled as an adult. There’s plenty of room for more!”


Do you love this new-meets-old design trend? If so, you might just be a grandmillennial.


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