This grandmother and her grandson dress in costumes and take hilarious photos together

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The bond between grandparents and grandchildren knows no bounds. In fact, it’s pretty amazing to see what a grandma or grandpa will do in the name of love for their grandkids. And that connection often grows stronger as the kids get older.

Ross Smith is 27 years old and he still loves hanging out with his 93-year-old grandma, Pauline Kana. But if you think these two just sit around the living room in a couple of rocking chairs, forget about it!

This grandma-grandson duo is an internet sensation, thanks to their willingness to create silly photos and videos together.

Sure, they do things like dress up as classic Disney movie characters for Halloween, as you can see in this Instagram post from Smith:

But that’s just where the fun begins!

Actually, the insanity started about seven years ago when Smith was a student at the University of Dayton in Ohio. He posted a few videos on the social platform Vine, including one of his grandma blocking a basketball shot.

The rest, as they say, became viral history.

“My brand just turned into me and Granny taking on the world,” Smith told CNBC in a 2018 interview.

This unlikely duo tackles everything from costume play to athletics! For example, they got serious about football in this Super Bowl-related Instagram post:

And Grandma Kana doesn’t seem to mind raising a few eyebrows in the pair’s posts. You won’t find her doing “traditional grandma” things like knitting or playing bingo. This amazing lady is out there killing it with the best of them!

She even stays on top of pop culture happenings, as this Instagram post about the “Avengers” movie proves:

Kana obviously has a bit of a sassy side when it comes to her sense of humor, as we can see in this video posted to Instagram:

Kana told CNBC she knows that many people her age aren’t using social media very much, and she enjoys changing the stereotypes of elderly people, thanks to her grandson’s videos and posts, like this hilarious Instagram photo in which Kana poses as a Christmas tree about to be felled by Smith:

Kana told CNBC that she’s become something of a local celebrity, thanks to the social media shenanigans with her grandson.

“Even when I’m walking to the plaza, which I live about three blocks away, sometimes people going by with their cars they stop and say, ‘You’re Granny!'” Kana said.

“When I get to the plaza, the people in the stores they come up to me. It’s just a party at times.”

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