This teen didn’t have a prom date so her Grandpa stepped into her prom photos — and now they’re going viral

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Prom pictures are filling up social media feeds everywhere these days. High school students (and their families) love capturing these special moments to not only cherish, but to share with the world. Looking just right for these photos can put some added pressure on the teens. And, when you don’t have a date, the thought of these pictures might be a little disappointing.

Unless you’re Kaylah Bell, that is.

The 17-year old high school student from California may not have found a date for the Lancaster High School prom, but she knew the perfect person to ask to be in her pictures — her grandfather, better known to her as “Papa.”

After having a number of prospective dates “flake out” on her, Bell had no doubt “Papa” Alvin Hackett would not only pose with her but also look amazing in the process. She was right! Check out the images below, from Milan’s Twitter account at @deary_kay.

The duo went viral, which shocked the teen. With nearly 110,000 likes and 12,000 retweets at press time, Bell’s photos took Twitter by storm.

“I was kinda confused because when I normally post on Twitter I get like seven favorites and one retweet so I thought that it was spam or something till I saw my friend Kiara’s text telling me I went viral,” Bell told Insider.

The decision to ask her grandfather to step in for her was easy, Bell says, because was already a sharp dresser and probably had suitable attire on hand.

“My grandpa is very stylish,” Bell told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Every Sunday when we go to church, him and my grandma dress alike and dress together for church and banquets.”

Need proof? Here’s a picture she posted of her grandparents dressed up, as a response to someone else’s tweet.

Papa Alvin did not disappoint. He showed up on prom day looking runway-ready with his navy blue striped suit and pink tie to perfectly complement his gorgeous granddaughter’s dress. He bought a new one especially for the prom photo shoot.

Bell said her custom-made dress was inspired by Mary, Queen of Scots from the show “Reign.”

Bell’s Papa even had a hand in helping complete his grandaughter’s look for her big night. At the last minute, Bell and her family decided to add a cape and some extra bling for the formal occasion. So, her grandparents took Bell to pick up the fabric and jewels needed to create the regal ensemble.

Here are images of her gorgeous dress from @deary_kay, complete with the cape:

And, Papa had one more surprise up his sleeve for his prom queen. What prom would be complete without flowers? He presented her with a lovely corsage to wear. He drove her to the prom but did not attend the event (because of an age limit), allowing her to enjoy the evening with her friends.

For Bell, prom 2019 became a night full of memories and love that made the event very special.

“I felt blessed,” she said in Yahoo Lifestyle. “A lot of people don’t get to have opportunities like this. For my grandpa to be happy and eager to do it was amazing to me. I felt extremely loved.”


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