Grape Jolly Rancher Moonshine Tastes Just Like The Candy

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Making your own alcohol sounds like it will probably end in something disastrous and undrinkable, but this recipe for grape Jolly Rancher moonshine from My Incredible Recipes is not your grandma’s bathtub gin.

While the term “moonshine” might conjure up images of homemade spirits that taste like rubbing alcohol (or worse), there are safe and legal ways to make your own moonshine beverages that are actually quite tasty.

This Jolly Rancher moonshine tastes just like its namesake hard candy and is made with Everclear, a high-proof alcohol, so it’s not like you’re fermenting your own liquor.

My Incredible Recipes

Another delicious take on the beverage is this cherry pie moonshine from Sweet C’s Designs. If you like the tart sweetness of cherry pie, you’ll love this moonshine that is flavored with cherries in heavy syrup as well as cherry juice. It’s bursting with fruit flavor!

When poured into a cute mason jar and adorned with a bow, this moonshine would make for a perfect housewarming or hostess gift. Whether you sip it straight or use it in other cocktail recipes, you won’t be able to get enough of this sweet stuff.

Since it looks so enticing, however, make sure to store it out of reach of little ones so they don’t take a swig, thinking it’s juice or another innocuous beverage.

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If cherry is not your thing, find out how to make apple pie moonshine or this peach pie moonshine from The Farm Wife Drinks. The latter recipe features commercial moonshine, which is made from corn whiskey. You can also incorporate other types of whiskey and vodka in your moonshine.

Farm Wife Drinks

Which flavor of moonshine would be your favorite?

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