These Grapes Taste Just Like Cotton Candy

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From pluots and Grapples, to tangelos, peacotums and pummelos, hybrid fruits are gaining popularity in the grocery store. But the final merger of candy and fruit has arrived: the Cotton Candy Grape.

“These Cotton Candy grapes really do taste like cotton candy! What a fun, healthy way to enjoy everyone’s favorite flavor from the fair. Let me know if you agree.” – Jack Pandol, The Grapery (quote from the actual bag of grapes we bought).

We went out and bought a bag at $3.99/lb to give them a try. As soon as you bite into a grape, you’re immediately hit with a strong cotton candy impression. If you let the grape linger on your tongue it’s harder to identify, and they don’t have a strong smell, but the cotton candy essence is absolutely unmistakable.


Find out where you can buy some for yourself here.

“When you go to the supermarket, there’s like 15 kinds of apples — Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala, Braeburn. The list goes on. We want to give consumers the same array of flavors for grapes,” David Cain, horticulturalist at The Grapery tells NPR’s The Salt.

Read more about Cotton Candy grapes here.


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