Green Mint Cookie Bark Is The Dessert You’ve Been Missing In Your Life


If you’re looking for an easy, delicious and festive dessert to whip up just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, this is it. Not only is this Green Mint Cookie Bark super easy to make, but it’s great for serving a crowd. So, whether you’re hoping to feed your kid’s entire class or just pass out treats to your co-workers, this is the recipe that will help you celebrate St. Patty’s Day the right way.

The recipe from the CandiQuik blog only calls for three ingredients: vanilla CandiQuik coating, mint Oreo cookies and green sprinkles.

To make this yummy dessert, you’ll start by melting the chocolate and mixing it with crushed Oreo cookies. Once combined, spread onto a pan that’s covered in wax paper and top with even more crushed Oreos and sprinkles. Allow chocolate to set and then cut or break the bark into pieces to serve. Enjoy immediately or wrap in little baggies to have individual sets ready to share with others.


You can’t go wrong with a mint and chocolate combo, which is precisely why this recipe calls for mint Oreos. That, and the extra addition of green color thanks to the frosting in these cookies. But, you can really use any kind of cookie you’d like here. Try your favorite Girl Scout cookie, Thin Mints, instead of Oreos, for example. Yum!

This recipe for marshmallow swirl Thin Mint bark from Something Swanky found a way to incorporate everything there is to love about March into one dessert: Thin Mint cookies and St. Patrick’s Day fun. The mint and chocolate flavor we know and love is present without sacrificing a pop of green color. Marshmallow cream, Thin Mint cookies, chocolate and green-colored candy melts combine to yield one festive treat.

Something Swanky

If you really want to go all out for St. Patrick’s Day, you can also try this recipe for Leprechaun Bark from Classy Mommy, which really allows you to add in anything your heart desires. Rainbow-colored candies, green M&Ms and gold sprinkles were used in this version to resemble that lucky pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but the more mix-ins you include, the better — especially if you still include a bit of mint and chocolate flavor. Every bark recipe is better with mint and chocolate cookies, after all:

Classy Mommy

Have some fun with your St. Patrick’s Day sweets thanks to these bark recipes. Each one proves that melted chocolate, your favorite toppings and a pop of green color are all you need to make something delicious to ring in the holiday on March 17.

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