Green Velvet Cake Pops Are So Colorful And Easy To Make For St. Patrick’s Day

Need an easy St. Patrick’s Day treat that’s sure to taste amazing? Look no further. These green velvet cake pops are just the kind of dessert you need to keep things fun and festive come March 17, while keeping the stress that can come along with baking at a minimum.

The recipe comes from Love From The Oven. Using ingredients such as flour, cocoa, sugar, buttermilk and green food coloring, you’ll create a version of red velvet cake that’s more fitting for St. Patrick’s Day. Once everything’s mixed together, you’ll bake the cake for about 20 minutes until a fork or toothpick comes out clean.

It’s not difficult to make this cake from scratch, but if you’re looking to make this process even more simple, a cake mix and green food coloring will achieve the same effect.

Now that the cake is prepared, it’s time to form them into cake pops. For this process, you’ll need chocolate and sprinkles for the topping, as well as lollipop sticks for serving the cake pops.

Once the cake is cooked and cooled, you’ll cut it into pieces and use a fork or a food processor to make the cake fine and crumb-like. From there, add a scoop of store-bought cream cheese frosting to the cake crumbs and mix until the crumbs form a dough-like texture. Add more frosting as needed. From there, roll the “dough” into individual balls.

Then, you’ll melt down white chocolate and green-colored chocolate, if you can find green candy melts. Use a lollipop stick to skewer each cake ball and then dip the cake pops in the chocolate until they’re fully covered. Last, but not least, top with sprinkles.

Love From The Oven

If you can’t find lollipop sticks, you can also serve them without the stick, so they’re more like bite-sized cake truffles rather than cake pops. Either way, they’re sure to be delicious!

Of course, you could also easily make cupcakes with your green velvet cake batter by pouring the batter into a cupcake tin instead of a cake pan. If you decide to go that route, a recipe from Garnish & Glaze recommends topping them off with cream cheese frosting, sprinkles and gold coins.

This version makes the cream cheese frosting from scratch using cream cheese, butter, sugar, heavy whipping cream and vanilla. Yummy!

Garnish & Glaze

There’s really no wrong way to serve up this festive St. Patrick’s Day take on classic red velvet cake.

So, grab the green food dye and get to baking, already. Green velvet desserts await!