Grilled cheese roll-ups are perfect for dipping in tomato soup

Damn Delicious

You know last month when we told you about Grilled Cheese Croutons and promised it was the best thing to ever happen to grilled cheese?

We take it back. Grilled cheese croutons are nice and all, but Grilled Cheese Rollups are next level good. This recipe is simple perfection. With nothing other than white bread, butter and good old American cheese, you can turn a childhood favorite into an adult dish that’s ideal for parties, Netflix binge sessions or even a satisfying dinner with a bowl of tomato soup and a glass of white wine. Yum!

While PopSugar advises you use American cheese (nothing melts quite like it!), at Damn Delicious, cheddar cheese from Wisconsin is used.

Chungah, the blogger behind Damn Delicious, trims the crusts and then rolls the white bread flat with a rolling pin. (This makes it easier to turn it into a roll-up later on). It’s then grilled in a pan with a little but of butter.

Damn Delicious

You can serve your grilled cheese dipping sticks with soup (tomato is an obvious choice, but a French Onion or Tex-Mex-inspired bean soup would also work well), or with dipping sauces like ranch or avocado crema. Find a recipe for the latter over at What’s Gabby Cooking.

What's Gaby Cooking

And here’s a grilled cheese trick you should consider, whether you’re making roll-ups or a traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Instead of buttering your bread, swap out the butter for mayo. No, really! This trick is genius. Mayo has a higher smoke point than butter so it’s not as likely to burn, and anyone who has ever tried to butter bread knows that getting it to spread evenly can sometimes be difficult. Not so with mayo!

As far as the best cheese to use in a grilled cheese sandwich, how about white American cheese? It melts wonderfully and it feels a little more grown-up than that neon-orange stuff (although, let’s face it, that neon-orange stuff is delicious).

Or how about shredded cheese? The Baker Mama uses shredded cheddar cheese for her roll-ups.

The Baker Mama

And while whole slices of tomato wouldn’t hold up well in a grilled cheese rollup, diced tomatoes would work perfectly, or even onion or jalapeno peppers if you want a little spice.

Enjoy your gourmet grilled cheese guilt-free!


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