This Grinch Gingerbread House Kit Will Instantly Make Your House More Like Whoville

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There are a lot of things I make sure to do every holiday season, but one I have never tackled? Building a gingerbread house. Not because they’re not adorable, but because even if actually managed to make it without it falling apart (not likely), they honestly look a little boring when they’re done.

Unless you build a life-size house like the people at Disney World or know how to make this amazing gingerbread “Star Wars” Imperial Star Destroyer, chances are your gingerbread houses always have four small walls and some gumdrop decorations — until the icing slides off and the walls become the floor, that is.

This year, however, I have no excuse for not building one because 2018 gingerbread houses are apparently nothing like I recall from my childhood. Case in point: this amazing Whoville Gingerbread House Kit inspired by “The Grinch” that will soon be available at Party City for just $16.99!

Party City

No boring, four square walls here, Whovillians, your walls will be rounded just like a house in Whoville. The 2-story house comes with gingerbread cookie pieces, icing, candy pieces, cutouts of The Grinch, Max and Cindy Lou Who and an entire interior scene.

Party City

If you can’t wait for it to show up in stores, you can buy the kit on Amazon as well, but it’s $30 there. If you’d prefer a mini version of the house instead, you can find that at Walmart for just $4.98, but it appears to be currently sold out. Or, if you’d rather just go for a giant Grinch cookie, Party City has that, too, for $7.99.

If these aren’t really your taste, but you love the Grinch, this video from MyRecipes shows you how to take a standard, cheaper gingerbread house kit and turn it into a magical Grinch house! While it’s not exactly fit for Whoville, it is perfect for Dr. Seuss lovers. All you do is frost the walls by “flooding” them with icing, then use this Grinch stencil, more icing and toppings to decorate!

My Recipes

Are gingerbread houses part of your holiday traditions?