Groomer Helps Shelter Dogs Get Adopted With Free Haircuts [PHOTOS]

As you know, first impressions are everything. When walking into an interview, to meeting your significant other’s parents, making a good impression right off the bat can make or break the outcome.

According to Forbes, you have seven seconds when first meeting someone for them to decide if they like you or not. For shelter pets, they can’t really clean themselves up for the most important interviews of their lives – a person walking down the aisle to pick an animal they want to bring home.

Naturally, a dog with a well-groomed coat is going to look more friendly and help a family envision that pooch in their home.

Mark Imhof understands this, and as a result, gives free haircuts and grooming sessions to NYC shelter pups. According to Mental_Floss, Mark left his accounting job in 2015 to pursue dog grooming.

Huffington Post reports that his fiancé was the one that actually came up with the idea of giving shelter dogs a make-over.

The theory? The more presentable and polished the dogs look, the happier they will feel and ultimately, this could help them get adopted.

Since then, he’s provided his complimentary services to over 50 dogs. The before and after pictures on Mark’s Instagram account speak louder than the words I can write.

What I like most about Mark’s posts are not just the happy dogs he captures, but that he takes the extra steps to list the dog’s name and adoption number in the caption so they’re easier to find and adopt.

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A photo posted by Mark Imhof (@markthedogguy) on

A photo posted by Mark Imhof (@markthedogguy) on

A photo posted by Mark Imhof (@markthedogguy) on