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This Totally Groovy House That Hasn’t Been Touched Since The 1970s Is For Sale!

We picture the Brady Bunch living in this far-out pad.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! If this story doesn’t make you start watching “The Brady Bunch” on ME-TV every Sunday, we’re not sure what will. There’s a house for sale in Framingham, Massachusetts, that looks like a time capsule from the 1970s. That bathroom above looks like it’s straight out of Studio 54.

So, here’s the view from the top—it’s a pretty big place. Lots of nice trees in this shot from Google Earth.


Nice pool, too. For when Greg’s high school buddies come over and promise they’ll only drink Alice’s lemonade.



Two-car garage, and a place for hoops (of course).


But, what about the interior? Blue and yellow love seats (you need two of them). The current owners have been grooving in their far-out pad for over 20 years.


More yellow here on this long sideboard. According to BuzzFeed, the original owner designed/built the home in the early 1970s, and never changed a thing. Wait, where’s my Pet Rock? Oh, next to the lava lamp.


Ah, the kitchen—where Carol and Alice work their magic. Green and yellow is everywhere. What, you were expecting wood paneling? Stay tuned.


BTW, the realtor says the current owners would be willing to sell or leave some of the current furnishings if the new occupants want to keep that retro vibe.


Upstairs is what looks to be the master bedroom. Blue/yellow artwork on the wall to match the bedspread.


Another bedroom, and we are talkin’ some serious zig-zag here. It’s the 1970s. It has to be this way.


Some blue tile on the bathroom wall. Jan, are you DONE in there??


We saved the best for last—the rec room. Orange shag carpet, matching orange crushed velvet recliner, wood paneling with a TV set in the wall, fireplace—this groovy hangout has it all (except there’s no eight-track that we can see). But there is a Hi-Fi. Turn it up, the “Association” is on!


Three words. ORANGE. BAR. STOOLS. And that lamp is pretty nifty, too.


And finally, they decided to put a little orange bench here. Why? ‘Cause Mike Brady was an architect.


And, if all this 1970s madness has you thinking of the ULTIMATE 1970s house, watch below for a little stroll down memory lane!


All house images via Century 21.