Groupon Offering 44% Off Large Floating Mat

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The floating water mat that’s become wildly popular over the last few years is officially on sale on Groupon. This 6-by-18-foot water pad is green on one side and orange on the other.

Because it is made out of two-ply closed-cell foam, you don’t need any air to blow it up (thank goodness, right?). It also comes with a tether rope so you don’t float off into the abyss, plus velcro straps to roll it up when it needs to be stored.

If you have a lake house, boat, pool or take frequent trips to the beach, this is the perfect floatie to add to your list of toys.

Originally priced at $799.00, you can get it on Groupon for $449.99. I live in the state of Ohio and the taxes were estimated at $31.49. The product ships for free, so my total at checkout was $481.48 (prices may slightly vary, based on your state’s taxes).

So is that a good deal? I scoured the internet and found a few similar products on Amazon as a comparison:

Rubber Dockie 18×6-Feet Floating Water Pad, $444.59 with free Prime shipping.

This one seems to be identical to the one on Groupon (they use the same photo) and is comparable in cost – so it’s a bit cheaper, actually!

Inflatable Floating Water Walkway* (10 x 6 Feet), $1169.18 with free Prime shipping*Note: you have to blow this one up!

12-Foot Water Pad Party Float, $419.99 + $154.00 shipping

This pink one is only 12 feet long and has a whopping $154 shipping fee (it’s not eligible for Prime shipping rates). Seems a little high, wouldn’t you agree?

This single floating matt (below) is listed for $98.89…seems like a good compromise to me!

WateRaft Mini The World’s Best Water Toy & Raft, Yellow, 3′ x 6′