Ordering White Castle Sliders Off Of Grubhub Just Got A Lot Easier

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Fans of White Castle know that when a craving hits, you’ll do just about anything to get your hands on some sliders. However, there are times when it’s just not practical to hop in the car and swing by the drive-through. For those times, Grubhub is launching nationwide delivery of the fast food chain.

Grubhub’s White Castle delivery is already available in 75 locations, including New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Detroit. Throughout January, Grubhub will be adding 45 more locations to its delivery service. Although locations are concentrated in the Midwest, there are restaurants in Tennessee, Kentucky and Las Vegas, to name a few. Delivery will be available in areas where there are both White Castle locations and Grubhub.

Super Bowl parties are great for the classics like wings and pizza, but why not treat your guests to some sliders and fries from White Castle? You can win a chance to have your Super Bowl party catered by White Castle, simply by entering “CRAVEPARTY” at checkout when you order White Castle from Grubhub. A couple of Crave Cases would be sure to be a hit with all your guests!


“We’re honored to partner with the iconic White Castle brand to power delivery from Castles across the country,” said¬†Stan Chia, chief operating officer at Grubhub, said in a statement. “Our orders show that sliders are clearly on the rise, and we’re thrilled to deliver more of what our nearly 10 million diners crave. Hungry White Castle customers can now enjoy their favorite menu items from the comfort of their own homes.”

White Castle is far from the only fast food restaurant getting into the delivery game. McDonald’s offers delivery through the UberEATs app. And thanks to DoorDash, customers in several markets can get a Frosty, burger or whatever else their heart desires from Wendy’s.

Thanks to all these delivery options, you may never need to leave your house for fast food ever again!

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