A ‘Grumpy Old Men’ remake is in the works


If Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau have taught us anything, it’s that loving thy neighbor can be really, really hard.

Lemmon and Matthau’s blockbuster 1993 comedy, “Grumpy Old Men” saw the late actors as neighbors and longtime rivals who are fighting for the heart of a university professor, played by the legendary Ann-Margaret, who recently moved to town.

Now, 25 years after it premiered, “Grumpy Old Men” will get the reboot treatment by New Line Cinema.


But that’s not all: Comedian Eddie Murphy has reportedly signed on to star in the “Grumpy Old Men” reboot. He would play one of the two grouchy men popularized by Matthau and Lemmon. We’ll have to wait to find out who will play the other man, as well as the female neighbor.

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Tim Story, who helmed “Barbershop” and “Fantastic Four,” will direct and produce the “Grumpy Old Men” remake through his entertainment production firm, The Story Company. The company’s president, Sharla Sumpter Bridgett, will also serve as producer.

Story will also have guidance from people behind the 1993 film. John Davis, who was a producer on the original “Grumpy Old Men” and its 1995 sequel, “Grumpier Old Men,” will work alongside Story on the untitled reboot.

Not only is “Grumpy Old Men” an iconic comedy, but it’s also a highly-grossing one. The original 1993 film earned $70 million domestically, which is a significant haul for the early 1990s. Its 1995 sequel, “Grumpier Old Men” (starring Sophia Loren!), outdid its predecessor, grossing $71.5 million domestically.

Are you excited for the “Grumpy Old Men” reboot?

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