Guy Creates Custom Monopoly Board To Propose, And It’s Adorable

If this girl hadn’t said yes (and I wasn’t already married), I would have. Redditor, , proposed to his fiancee, Michal, in one of the most clever ways I’ve ever seen: through a custom-made Monopoly board.

As you know, there are a lot of cards and details on a game of Monopoly. Justin, being the thoughtful mastermind he is, took into account every single detail. Here’s how he did it:

First, Justin created custom playing cards and property cards:

Imgur | justinlebon26

Then he recruited a friend help him create a custom board with events relevant to their lives. Note: They met on

Imgur | justinlebon26

This included their favorite hotels, streets they both grew up on, places they’ve traveled to, and where they had their first date.

Imgur | justinlebon26

He had every detail down – he even made custom dice (he needed Michal to roll a 7 to land on the Chance square).

Imgur | justinlebon26

He gave her the gift at Christmas (she was overjoyed, as she loves Monopoly) and they played the game that day.

Imgur | justinlebon26

Just as Justin had planned, she landed on “Chance” and followed the instructions on the card.

Imgur | justinlebon26

Under the “Luxury Tax” was a secret compartment, but what could be inside??

Imgur | justinlebon26

Why of course, the beautiful engagement ring. Justin got down on one knee and “poured [his] heart out.” Of course, Michal said yes!

Imgur | justinlebon26

In his comments on Imgur, Jsutin states, “It took a lot of planning, but I enjoyed every second of it. I’ll never forget that day, and Christmas will be that much more special to us.”

Congrats to these two!

[h/t: Elite Daily]