This guy submitted a rap video instead of a cover letter—and he got the job!

Anyone working in hiring and recruiting will tell you that a well-written, polished cover letter is essential when applying for a job. But sometimes a little creativity can go along way, depending on the industry.

When Chase Zreet decided he wanted a role as an advertising copywriter for Sprite at New York advertising agency Widen + Kennedy, in lieu of a traditional cover letter, he sent along a three-minute video of him rapping about the beverage.

His bold move paid off, and he got the job! Check out the cheeky video below:

The clever video clearly set Zreet apart from his competition, and the company took notice.

“There’s too much emphasis put on portfolios, and not enough on the creative enthusiasm of a candidate,” W+K NY creative director Jimm Lasser told AdWeek. “We like it when candidates want to be at W+K for a variety of reasons, even beyond our work. All the better when they use their unique talents to demonstrate this. Chase made a great ad about himself. He persuaded us to invest in him. He won us over.”

My favorite part is probably when Zreet is getting 2-liter bottles of Sprite poured over his head as he raps, “Can I write for Sprite?” The green-and-yellow-themed clothing and the lemon necklace are nice touches as well!

Zreet put the whole thing together very quickly and says he didn’t have a backup plan if it didn’t turn out: “So, there really wasn’t ever a plan B. From the very beginning, this was a one-shot deal. Which, in retrospect, was probably the main reason it got made, as I didn’t have time to think about it for long enough to second-guess it.”

Zreet starts his new job in April. Congratulations and hats off to him for putting together such a creative pitch on behalf of himself! And if for some reason it doesn’t work out, I think he may have a future as a rapper.

What’s the nuttiest thing you’ve done to get a job?