Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Photo Of Daughter, Apple, With Sweet Birthday Message

Business mogul and actor Gwyneth Paltrow is normally quite protective of her children, but over the weekend she posted a close-up picture of her daughter, Apple, on Instagram. It’s rare for Paltrow to let us see her children in such an up-close and vulnerable way, so it was definitely a special moment for fans, especially as Paltrow posted the picture in honor of Apple’s birthday.

As you can see, Apple is no longer that cuddly little baby who made headlines for her unusual name, but rather a strong, capable and talented 14-year-old girl.

She looks a lot like her mama, doesn’t she? But you can also see a little of her daddy, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, in there.

Paltrow and Martin split in 2014 and she got engaged to TV producer Brad Falchuk this year. Despite no longer being married, Apple’s parents still have a close relationship.

Paltrow has been honest about her parenting struggles and how raising little ones can be incredibly challenging.

“I’m just a normal mother with the same struggles as any other mother who’s trying to do everything at once and trying to be a wife and maintain a relationship,” she’s said, according to Britain’s Express. “There’s absolutely nothing perfect about my life, but I just try hard.”

Well, it looks like all her hard work is paying off. Happy birthday, Apple!