It’s official—Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are engaged

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These days, a celebrity couple’s just not official until their relationship has been announced on Instagram, so now that Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk have done so—congratulations are in order. Paltrow, 45, and Falchuk, 46, are engaged!

The couple posed together for the cover of Goop’s quarterly magazine. Goop is a lifestyle publication created by Paltrow, so this really was the perfect place for the couple to announce their plans for marriage to the world. Not only are they ready to announce their relationship, they’re also ready to spill  the beans about their love for each other. How adorable!

According to Today, the magazine’s cover story is filled with details about Paltrow’s fear of intimacy, why she’s ready for marriage again and more.

“Personally, at midlife, I have tried to accept how complex romantic love can be,” she said in the magazine. “I have decided to give it a go again, not only because I believe I have found the man I was meant to be with, but because I have accepted the soul-stretching, pattern-breaking opportunities that (terrifyingly) are made possible by intimacy.”

But, Falchuk wasn’t getting out of this without sharing some details on how they get along. In a video interview for Goop’s website, the TV writer and producer was asked, “What’s your favorite couple activity?” He responded, “Anything… it sounds silly, but anything, anything with her is good.” Aww!

Of course, as with any couple, this pair has their problems. Falchuk admitted that they argue about where they should go to eat and that Paltrow’s cleanses can be tough to handle. Watch the interview with him below.

“She did this one really brutal [cleanse],” he said. “Anytime when she can’t eat something fried, it’s tough. That’s like mama needs her fries, you know?” So clearly, this couple is there for each other through the good times and the bad! Because seriously—no fries? Yowza.

The couple met on the set of “Glee,” which Falchuk co-created. Although they have been rumored to be engaged for a year, according to People, this is the first time the couple’s made the news public. Falchuk also co-created FX’s hit series “American Horror Story.”

Paltrow was previously married to Coldplay’s Chris Martin and has two children with him. She was also engaged to Brad Pitt in the 1990s. This will be the second marriage for Falchuk, as well, who also has two children from his previous relationship.

Congratulations to the happy couple! May they continue to survive fried food detoxes together and always come to an agreement on where to go for dinner!

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