This gym bag cleans your smelly workout clothes for you

For those who lug their gym bag around from home to work to gym and all the way back back again, this may be one of the coolest exercise-related inventions that’s come out in years. A self-cleaning gym bag, PaqSule¬†uses state-of-the-art technology to eradicate germs and smells from your gym gear.

How does this magic bag work? According to Engadget, PaqSule works by shining ultraviolet light on the bag’s contents. It then creates and circulates oxygen inside the bag. The UV light and activated oxygen both help kill microorganisms. So while this smart gym bag can’t remove your killer sweat stains, it can sanitize your stinky shoes, socks and exercise clothes.


The process used inside of PaqSule is water and detergent free, so it’s safe for books, devices, snacks and other items that might be lurking in your bag. You can even use PaqSule to remove gross grime from dumbbells or other gnarly gym equipment.

Learn more about the PaqSule process in the Mashable video, below:

The PaqSule cleaning process is controlled by an app, which lets you set the duration of cleaning time, with options of 15, 25 or 35 minutes. It also has a power bank inside, which you can use to charge your cell phone, iPad or other devices. And since the bag is waterproof and features a laptop compartment, shoe compartment and detachable toiletries bag, it’s also a terrific option for travel. It’s sturdy, too, as it’s made with aluminum handles and features nine different pockets to store everything from resistance bands to headphones.

Released earlier this year for preorder, it was hugely popular on both Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. If you’re just as interested, you can preorder a bag at Currently, it comes in two options: PaqSule, which is $279.99, and PaqSule Lite, which is $179.99. The premium version has two more pockets than the Lite version, plus those aluminum handles and the toiletries bag. Both options come in gray and black.