The 7 Habits Of Happy Couples

We all know those picture-perfect couples, the duo that blissfully hold hands on walks through the park and who complement each other so perfectly, we don’t know whether to be envious or just plain happy for them.

These couples always to seem to have everything worked out, from the way they communicate to the activities they do together, leaving the rest of us thinking “How exactly do they do it?” Turns out, there are number of measurable habits that happy couples have in common.

Although every couple is different, psychologists have identified specific traits that can predict success in a relationship. Studies have found that couples who last longer than a decade report still feeling intensely in love with each other.

This sustained positive emotions come from frequent physical affection, focusing on the positive parts of the relationship, and having shared experiences, amongst other qualities.

If you and you partner are looking to kick your relationship up a notch and assure yourselves a lifetime of happiness, you may want to try adopting the following seven habits, which have been proven to be the key to success in happy couples.

1. They React Positively To Good News

Sometimes there’s a little bit of competition within a relationship, but it’s important how you react to good news from your significant other. Studies show that when couples react excitedly to their partner’s good news, they tend to stay together longer.


2. They Communicate Properly

Although this might warrant a “Duh!” reaction, good communication is key for a healthy, happy relationship.

Research has found that relationships are the strongest when couples develop their own “private language,” a way of communicating that is clearest to just them. Happy couples also stay positive when discussing conflict.

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3. They Maintain Outside Friendships And Hobbies

Being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean only spending time with each other. Studies show that couples who maintain friendships outside of their marriages are happier, and the same goes for pursuing individual activities they enjoy.

Spending some leisure time separately from your partner can actually benefit the relationship, research shows, especially if your interests are different.

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4. They Remain Physical

Affection is key in a happy relationship, and studies show that couples who have sex at least once a week are the happiest. Research has also found that if you’re in a relationship, the more sex you have, the happier you’ll be.

Young affectionate couple kissing tenderly on Christmas street
Young affectionate couple kissing tenderly on Christmas street

5. They Try New Things

Spend a lot of time with your partner, but feel like things are getting stale? That’s because simply spending your usual quality time with your significant won’t activate as many dopamine levels in the brain as trying something new.

Studies show that doing new, exciting things can help with your relationship satisfaction, and you can even do something as simple as trying a new restaurant or going to a new place.

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6. They Go To Bed Together

Although it may not seem that imperative to go to bed at the same time, but research has shown that couples who go to bed at different times report less relationship satisfaction than couples who hit the hay together.

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7. They Log Off Technology

Couples who spend too much time on their phones or computers end up being unhappier with their partners, as the use of technology can interrupt leisure time, cause additional conflict, and can even cause depressive symptoms.

Excessive use of technology can also signify to your partner that you value your device over their time or attention.

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