The 11 Habits Of Highly Organized People That You Can Adopt For Yourself

If you’re wondering how people are able to stay so organized— then take it from me, most of us just can’t help it. I personally have an urge to keep a tidy space, and I don’t feel good until my space is clean.

It comes naturally to me, but, that’s not to say that you can’t become more organized (even if you aren’t compelled to clean up in the same way that I am).

Here are 11 habits of organized people that you can adopt for yourself so that you can become more organized, too. It may take some getting used to, but I think you can have a more organized space in no time if you can practice these things.

They’ll eventually become habitual, and you’ll have a tidy area without even having to think about it. Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course it does!

1. Make Careful Decisions About What To Bring Into Your Home

I always think twice before buying anything new for my space. I have a tiny apartment, so if a new piece of furniture comes in— there has to be a reason for it.

Think carefully before making purchases because in just one sale, you can quickly have one to many throw pillows and not enough places to store them.


2. Spend A Few Minutes Organizing Each Week

I take time at least twice a week to tidy up around the house. That way, my desk, table, etc. never wind up looking too cluttered (at least not for long). Set aside some time to do the same.


3. Distinguish A Need From A Want

If you’re contemplating buying something new for your space, think about if you really need it or if you just want it. Everything needs to have a purpose to keep from causing chaos.


4. Avoid Creating Piles

I’m not always the best at this— hence the weekly clean-up schedule, but if you can train yourself to keep from making piles, they’ll never mound up on you or become overwhelming.


5. Don’t Hang On To Trash

Try not to hang on to things you know you don’t need. If you know you’re not going to use that coupon that came in the mail, just toss it out immediately. What’s the point of hanging on to stuff like that, anyways?


6. Enjoy Your Space

I spend a lot of time in my tiny apartment, and I’m quite fond of it. If you take time to really enjoy the space you’re in, you’ll be far more likely to care if it’s clean and organized.


7. It’s A Group Effort

You’re not in this alone. If you live with a spouse or significant other, make them follow the same rules (tidying up, not holding on to trash, etc.) that you have set for yourself.


8. Have A Place For Everything

You are going to hold on to important things – just make sure you have a place to store it. The key to being organized is always having a place for everything.

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9. Be Goal-Oriented

Have a reason for why you’re staying organized. For example, let your goal be to be more comfortable in your space or to have guests feel more at home in your space. Things like that will help you see the light at the tunnel, so to speak, when you’re taking time to clean each week.


10. Don’t Wait

Something that I’ve noticed of myself, and I’m sure this applies to other organized people, as well, is I don’t like to wait. If I could do something now or put it off until tomorrow— I’d always chose to do it now. If you don’t put off organizing, it will become easier and easier to do.

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11. Know When You Do Your Best Work

If you’re anything like me, you feel better and are more productive in a clean space. If that’s the case, don’t let clutter bog you down. Go on and get the best of it!


So, now that you have a better idea of what it’s like to have a compulsion to stay organized (from yours truly), maybe you can implement some of these habits into your life to become a little more put-together yourself. A little organization never hurt anybody!

[h/t: Passion For Savings]