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This Hair Colorist Gets Inspiration From All Over—And The Results Are Amazing

Would you be willing to give any of these looks a try?

Urulsa Goff is a Kansas-based hair colorist who doesn’t take part in trends. Instead of following along with the demand for Pumpkin Spice Hair, Galaxy Hair and other hair trends, she’s been paving the way for hair colorists to explore. Whether she’s looking to nature or at works of art for inspiration, she consistently leads the way for self-expression. Because this stylist doesn’t follow trends—she creates them.

One look at her Instagram and you’ll see just how truly outstanding her work is. The side-by-side images she posts prove her talent. And it’s quite impressive.

Just look at how she nailed crystallized hair here, inspired by none other than beautiful crystals:

And how gorgeous is this rose-inspired look?

Volcanic hair? We’re into it.

Move over, Pumpkin Spice Hair, and make way for Fall Leaf Hair.

When this colorist isn’t recreating naturally occurring beauty, she’s making her own versions of artistic masterpieces. Like this take on Monet:

She calls it “hair painting,” and it’s absolutely beautiful. Here’s a Mondrian-inspired hair look:

So a Mondrian was one of the first hair paintings I considered doing. But I hadn't worked on enough of them yet to where I had figured out a strategy for keeping the lines clean. And then even once I HAD worked out a bit of a strategy, I didn't think it would be very fun to do because, well, I don't like making things that require a lot of straight lines and tools – I don't like architectural or perspective drawings because a ruler is used for so much of the work. I just wanna GO without having to plan much, if any at all. I'd much rather just freehand everything and sort of eyeball it. But, once again, the process of working on this taught me new stuff, and gave me a greater appreciation for Mondrian's own process, even if it's not my favorite. And once again, I worked with @matrix's new Vinyls for the majority of this, on a blonde extension provided by @vpfashion . The top and bottom dark blue parts are the Cobalt full strength, the blue square is Cobalt diluted with some clear, the red square is the Crimson diluted with clear, and the yellow was the color Graphics yellow. I made the black for the lines by mixing equal parts Copper, Cobalt, and Midnight Violet with 10 vol. #matrixbrandpartner #matrix #colorsyncvinyls #colorgraphics #mondrian #destijl #dutch #modernart #artonhair #sponsored #bluehair #aquahair #paintingsonhair

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Goff has 100,000 followers on Instagram, and plenty of them are proud to call themselves her fans:

People online are calling her hairdos “stunning,” and for good reason:

She’s even inspired folks to try out some of the hairstyles she’s posted about:

If you don’t happen to live in the Kansas area, you can purchase tutorials or check out videos from Goff online, so that you can create these multicolored styles for yourself. She’s got videos and tutorials demonstrating everything from getting an ombre look to mastering holographic hair. Take a look through both her YouTube page and her personal website.

If you’d like to try out ombre locks, here’s how it’s done:

Of course, Goff is in good company when it comes to amazing hair colorists. Check out some of these other artists on Instagram while you’re searching for the ‘do you’d like to try out soon:

Lite Brite hair? How cool!

And this dusty rose up-do? We’re obsessed.

Cute & Simple⠀⠀ -⠀⠀ @heatherchapmanhair

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This cotton candy pastel style is a thing of dreams.

Feeling inspired? Let nature and other unique sources inform your next dye job if you’d like to try something a little less expected. Any of these looks can be your guide. The possibilities are practically endless, so have some fun and get creative!

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