How To Make Your Hair Look Like The Models’ Locks In The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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I have curly hair. And for the most part, it behaves. But on days when it doesn’t want to cooperate, I have to curl it.

Now, I consider myself a pretty low maintenance person, but when it looks like you just stuck your finger in an electric socket, a girl’s gotta do something to tame the mane.


Behold The Beachwaver. Unlike typical curling irons where you have to manually rotate the wand to wrap your hair it, The Beachwaver automatically rotates and does the work for you. The result? Faster and better curls and waves.



And with it’s ability to rotate both directions, you can achieve those beautiful curls on both sides of your head (I can’t tell you how many times I have to remind myself which way to curl when I switch sides).

According to the product description on Amazon, it’s been featured on Allure, the Today Show, Teen Vogue, US Weekly, Star Magazine, Shape and now the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.


I mean, who doesn’t want to prance around in their undies curling their hair? While this is a great way to attract attention to a product endorsement, I was actually surprised to see the results on TV. People Mag states, it’s “A fool-proof way to get the exact same waves as Victoria’s Secret Angels.” Founded in 2010 by Sarah Potempa (a celebrity hairstylist), her tool is becoming one of the hottest new style gadgets of the season. I’ve put this hot pink little number on my Amazon Wish List for Christmas. If you get it (or already have it) let me know your thoughts. Here’s some real people that have used the tool:

Good Morning! Monday…. Let’s do this! ????????✌️#beachwaver A photo posted by Reah Norman (@styledbyreah) on

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