This Haircut Comes With A Massage—From A Live Snake

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If you’ve ever gotten a haircut and thought to yourself, “You know what this is missing? A massage from a live snake,” do we have the salon for you. The Haar Mode Team Salon in Dresden, Germany, is making waves thanks to its new employee—a python.

Haar Mode Team Salon owner Frank Doehlen says he started using the 13-year-old ball python, who goes by the name of Monty, to massage customers after being inspired by a technique he saw on a trip to South Africa.

A ball python will live for up to 30 years and grows to be between 4 and 5 feet long. They get their name from the habit of curling up into a tight ball, much like a fanged house cat in a sunny spot.

And though it sounds unspeakably odd, (cold! slithery! might kill you!) Doehlen says Monty’s services are in incredibly high demand. So many people are clamoring for a python massage that Monty can only work two days a week.

“It is quite heavy and warm, I thought it would feel cold. Well, it lies around the neck, that’s all,” said one customer, Hanna Haubold.

Doehlen says he doesn’t charge for the snake massage, but he does expect a small contribution for the services or a donation to pay for the python’s food.

“But only by appointment. Monty’s terrarium has no more space in the salon. I always bring it with me at the customer’s request,” Doehlen told German newspaper Bild.

Doehlen says the snake’s 4-foot-long body is 90 percent muscle, which makes for a great massage. As long as he doesn’t crush you to death, that is.

“I often have a tense neck as a chimney sweep. Monty’s powerful way has done a lot of work. I’ll be back!” customer Flora Magdalena said.

You can watch an entire video of the python massage here:

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