Hairy leggings are the latest odd fashion trend

It wasn’t even a month ago when we shared the hairy chest bathing suit that took the internet by storm and now, well if you’re into that sort of thing, you can also add hairy leggings to the collection.

That’s right. Leggings that look just like a pair of hairy legs exist, and you can pick up a pair from the design company, Contrado.

The UK-based company allows customers to print custom designs onto fabric and the editor for the site, Claire Belle Freed told Daily Mail that the trend for shocking or statement clothing is evolving. They’ve seen everything from outrageously funny designs to “intimate” and even taboo designs.

“From naked body parts on men’s boxers and women’s underwear, superfan designs of their favourite celebs, to very clever and witty slogans on our t-shirts and dresses, there isn’t anything we haven’t seen – or anything that shocks us anymore!” she said.


And if you’re on the fence about purchasing a pair because you want to make sure the skin color matches yours, well you’re in luck. The Hairy Leggings are available in four skin tone colors, ranging from pale pink to brown.


The leggings are also available in a range of sizes from extra small to 4XL. The cost? Around $44 before international shipping, so you’ll have to really want these custom tights.

Contrado says each pair of leggings is cut and sewn to order. They’re also fade-resistant and even have a two year guarantee on the print, material and stitching finish. Which really means, if you’re going to invest in a pair of hairy leggings, they’ll likely last you for quite some time.

So if you’re interested in ditching your razor, why not test out the hairy leg look first with a pair of these hairy leggings? While you’re at it, you could also pick up one of the hairy chest swimsuits to complete the look.

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Just promise us you’ll send us a picture if you do decide to rock the leggings and suit together, OK?