Hallmark is launching wines to pair with their Christmas movies

Hallmark Channel Wines

If you thought that cozying up with a Hallmark holiday movie on a chilly winter’s night couldn’t possibly get any merrier, think again. The Hallmark Channel is partnering with Wines That Rock to launch a line of holiday-themed wines meant to be enjoyed while watching Hallmark holiday movies.

So far, there are two kinds of Hallmark Channel Wines in the works: A 2018 cabernet sauvignon called Jingle and a 2019 sauvignon blanc named Joy.

According to the website description, the red wine promises “aromas of dark chocolate, cherry and a hint of holiday spice” along with “profound dark fruit.” Meanwhile, the “fresh, lively” sauvignon blanc boasts “notes of tropical fruits, white peach and ripe pineapple.”


These wines are available to pre-order now and will jingle all the way to your home in October — just in time to toast the dawn of the holiday season.

And lest you fear that you’ll drink all the Hallmark Channel Wine before the Countdown to Christmas even begins, just stay calm and stock up — you can mix and match bottles of the red and white wines in two-packs, four-packs, six-packs or cases of 12.

Bottles sell for $14 each plus shipping, and there’s a limited amount of the wine produced, so you’ll want to pre-order your bottles (cases) soon.

Hallmark Channel

While the cabernet might go well with titles like “A Royal Christmas” and the bottle of white sounds perfect for a viewing of “Christmas at Graceland,” these wines would actually pair best with a Hallmark holiday movie drinking game!

Let’s face it, fans of these kinds of holiday TV movies enjoy them because they’re so predictable — predictably cheesy, predictably happily-ever-after in the end. One Fort Worth, Texas resident used her knowledge of these typical Hallmark holiday film tropes (the storylines about cynics finally learning the meaning of Christmas, the characters named Holly or Nick, etc.) to create a drinking game specifically tailored to these familiar flicks.

A few years ago, Brittany Graves posted her brilliant invention to Facebook:

Is a character drinking egg nog, apple cider or hot cocoa? Drink! Did someone make a deal with Santa Claus or an angel? Drink! Did a spontaneous snowball fight just break out? That one requires two big swigs of your new Hallmark Channel wine.

Or, if you’d prefer a different kind of Hallmark-movie-inspired game to play while sipping your Hallmark-movie-inspired wine, challenge your family to a game of Hallmark Channel Monopoly, which is just like regular Monopoly but with a sweet and wholesome Hallmark spin.


You can order it online from Hallmark for $39.99 plus shipping.

And if you’re just jonesing for some feel-good Hallmark holiday fare ASAP, you’re in luck, as the network is airing holiday movies every week throughout the year now.

Cheers to Hallmark holidays in July!

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