Hallmark will air a record-breaking 40 new Christmas movies this year

Just when you thought that Hallmark Christmas movie marathons couldn’t get any better, the network had to go and announce some news that will make your holiday screenings all the merrier. Hallmark will drop a total of 40 new Christmas movies in 2019, Entertainment Weekly reported. So the channel is giving fans plenty of reasons to rejoice this year, indeed.

The first of their new Christmas-themed flicks will air in July. That gives you plenty of time to soak in the holiday spirit.


According to Entertainment Weekly, 24 of the new movies will air on the Hallmark Channel and 16 will premiere on its sister channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. So, basically, you’re going to want to be tuned in to both to really make the most of the holiday season. And if you can’t watch them live, make sure to record them on both channels!

Once the July screening dates have passed, the Christmas movie entertainment will resume in October, as is tradition, for Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas.

Hallmark confirmed this incredible news on Twitter:

Of course, loyal Hallmark watchers can’t contain their excitement over the news. Once Hallmark made the announcement, fans couldn’t help but voice their enthusiasm over the idea online.

Twitter user @EmilyCaldwell96 had the perfect reaction to this news, which came as the form of a holiday-themed gif in a tweet. She also wrote, “Me finding out that Hallmark will have 40 new Christmas movies this year:”


Plenty agreed, as seen in this tweet from @pattilauro, who wrote, “Best news ever!”

Twitter user @Maryr7499 is already counting down the days to the “best part of the year:”

Others, like @mssrfcali, are already making some space on their DVR:

Many fans are also clearing their busy holiday schedules. That way, they have time to watch every single one of these new films. Twitter user @lifeoftrev26 wrote, “And I will watch them all” in a tweet:


Catching all 40 new films is no easy task, but the committed Hallmark fans are up to the challenge, especially considering it sparks pure joy for the many devotees who tune in.

Twitter user @AdrienRendon is the perfect example of how this news makes Hallmark movie lovers feel — “so happy”:

Hallmark in the business of making the holiday season all the more special and this recent announcement only serves as further proof that the channel will go above and beyond for its fans.

Last year, not only did the Hallmark Channel have all of its usual programming leading up to Christmas, but the TV channel also teamed up with SiriusXM radio to play holiday tunes 24/7.

And clearly, that was only the beginning of giving fans what they truly desire — even more Hallmark in their lives!


The Hallmark Channel is the gift that keeps on giving.

Who’s tuning in to all 40 new movies to come in 2019?