26 Halloween Recipes Guaranteed To Freak Your Guests Out

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Whether you are throwing a spooky Halloween party or simply want to creep out the kiddos at home, there are gobs of gross, gory and gloriously gruesome recipes from which to choose.

Check out this collection of everything from eerie apps to spine-chilling suppers to disturbing desserts that will be perfect for your All Hallows’ Eve festivities.

1. Bloody Good Cheesecake

Creamy cheesecake is always a hit and chocolate makes it even better, but what makes this creepy confection stands out is its blood-red gel frosting. Grab the recipe from Sugar Dish Me.

Sugar Dish Me

2. Mice Cakes

Red velvet cake baked in mouse-shaped molds make for a particularly grisly treat that will shock and delight your guests or family. The Cake Girls have instructions for making the edible rodents at the Cake Blog.

The Cake Blog

3. Melon Brain

Sweet, juicy late-season watermelon is the perfect medium for a tasty brain centerpiece. All it takes is a bit of basic carving. Follow cookbook author Annabel Karmel’s instructions to make it yourself.

Annabel Karmel

4. Worm Sammies

Sliced hot dogs coated in tangy barbecue sauce become creepy yet delicious worm sandwiches. Check out this kid-friendly recipe at the Peach Kitchen.

The Peach Kitchen

5. Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Everyone will want to sink their teeth into these sweet treats even though they already have a bite out of them. The strawberry jam filling provides frightfully good flavor, as well. V Nutrition has the recipe.

V Nutrition

6. Meat Head

Layer deli meat onto a dollar store plastic skull for a horrifyingly appealing party tray idea. You can find the assembly instructions at Helpful Homemade.

Helpful Homemade

7. Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese

This unnerving twist on a family favorite is not only freaky, but it’s healthy as well, thanks to the addition of spinach and cauliflower. Snag the recipe at Cooking with Curls.

Cooking with Curls

8. Severed Fingers

If you have kids, chances are good you have said, “Get your fingers out of your mouth” one or two hundred times. You can encourage everyone to chew on these fingers, which are simply hot dogs with ketchup. If you think you could stomach these, learn how to DIY them at the Peach Kitchen.

The Peach Kitchen

9. Mummified Meatloaf

A comforting mainstay becomes a ghoulish party dish when you prepare it to look like a mummy’s head. Find out how to make this main dish at Castellon’s Kitchen.

Castellon's Kitchen

10. Shrunken Head Cider

Spiced apple cider is a fall favorite, and when it is served with an array of chilling “shrunken heads,” it’s an ideal Halloween party beverage. Get the steps to make this spooky brew from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen.

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen

11. Meat Hand

Sometimes you find a recipe that really grabs you. This eerie main course looks as though it could literally do so. You can take hold of this recipe at Not Martha.

Not Martha

12. Jello Worms

Watch them wiggle, see them jiggle. These realistic creepy crawlers are super sweet and oh-so-fun to eat. Find the instructions for these gelatin worms at the Idea Room.

The Idea Room

13. Brain Dip

If you plan to invite any zombies to your Halloween gathering, this appetizer is a must. Apparently brains taste like chicken! Learn how to make this recipe from And Drink the Wild Air.

And Drink the Wild Air

14. Maggot Cupcakes

Nothing quite like a moist, delicious cupcake topped with, um –maggots? Food coloring, piping gel and marzipan make these single-serving goodies look like gruesome wounds. Get the instructions fro Sarah Hardy Makes.

Sarah Hardy Makes

15. Bat Wings

This Halloween delicacy should be placed on the buffet next to the eye of newt. Find out what four super simple ingredients go into this dish at the Charmed Kitchen.

The Charmed Kitchen

16. Graveyard Taco Dip

Everyone loves tacos, even creatures of the night. The frightening fare will disappear fast, so you might want to make a double batch using this recipe from Jo and Sue.

Jo and Sue

17. Spider Eggs

No artificial dyes are needed to whip up these disturbingly delicious hors d’oeuvres. Creamy avocado and fiery wasabi give them an uncanny light green hue. Learn how to make them from Family Spice.

Family Spice

18. Stuffed Intestines

Gross out your guests in a good way with these savory stuffed puffed pastry “innards.” Sloppy Joe stuffing is perfect for this gory dish.

19. Amputated Appetizer

Meat and cheese platters are party essentials, but not any old tray will do for a Halloween gathering. Find out how to make this three-cheese and prosciutto snack plate at Castellon’s Kitchen.

Castellon's Kitchen

20. Deviled Eyes

All eyes will  be on this dish, featuring realistic eyeballs resting on nests of snakelike black pasta. Find out how to make this unsettling dish at MomDot.

Mom Dot

21. Human Heart Cake

Serve this cake after a candlelight reading of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe and delight in the uneasiness of your guests. Grab the instructions for this grisly dessert at the Wholesale Party Supplies blog.

Wholesale Party Supplies

22. Bloody Popcorn

Perfect for a Halloween horror movie night at home, this slightly sweet snack is simple to make. Find the recipe at Finding Zest.

Finding Zest

23. Stuffed Roaches

These sweet appetizers are so yummy that guests will gobble them up, if they are brave enough to sample them. Get the easy three-ingredient recipe See Vanessa Craft.

See Vanessa Craft

24. Severed Toe Cake Pops

Bloody nubs with gnarly, cracked, overgrown toenails. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Cake pops decorated with candy melts make these disgustingly delicious desserts, found at Wilton.


25. Cinnamon Roll Guts

These blood-red entrails would be especially enticing with a smear of cream cheese icing. Learn how to make these red velvet rolls at Kitchen Overlord.


26. Spider Cookies

Don’t worry; the leggy little bits in these cookies are only chocolate chips with a bit of piping. Or are they? Grab the recipe for these goodies from Tastes Better from Scratch writing at Lil’ Luna.

Lil' Luna

With so many spooky, scary and scrumptious Halloween recipe ideas to choose from, all of your favorite ghosts and goblins are sure to have a howling good time at your October get-together.

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