Halloween ‘scare-cuterie’ board looks gruesome but sounds delicious

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It’s Halloween and you want to bring a platter of finger foods to the party. What better than a “scare-cuterie” board, fingers included?

There are many ways to create a Halloween-themed charcuterie board, like covering a plastic skull with slices of lunch meat or setting a plastic skeleton in the middle of a tray filled with goodies. But one creative duo devised a creepily realistic-looking hand that is entirely edible and perfect for the holiday.

Sisters Stephanie and Natalie of Healthy Holme created what they call a “scare-cuterie” board with nothing more than cheese, meat and crackers for serving. You can see it first “hand” in this video from their Facebook page.

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“Honestly, I’m more into the cutesy Halloween things, but when I saw Ghoul at Heart post a photo of a hand cheese platter, I knew I needed to try to make one,” one of the sisters said in the post.

The hand is made using three cheese sticks (although the kind of cheese is not specified, they appear to be mozzarella), goat cheese and some prosciutto. After tracing her arm on parchment or wax paper and cutting it out, she made fingers from cheese sticks and an arm from goat cheese. Then, she simply wrapped the cheese in prosciutto and scattered crackers around the board.

You can find the full recipe in this Facebook post.

The recipe that inspired the scare-cuterie post comes from Lori Castellon from Ghoul at Heart, who also shared a photo on Facebook.

“Only 10 more days until Halloween,” wrote Castellon. “So for these last few days … I’m going to share my favorite recipes (in no particular order) and tell you a little about why they’re near and dear to my heart, beginning with a creepy #horrordoevres … Amputated Appetizer!”

This disturbingly delicious display is a cream cheese, goat cheese and roasted pepper-filled hand with panino rolls for fingers and arms. You can find the complete recipe on her blog.

Would you serve a severed hand at Halloween?

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