Halo Top releases new flavors including ‘pancakes & waffles’

Halo Top ice cream has become a must-have, low-calorie dessert option, and now that the brand is expanding their flavor range, you’re definitely going to want to grab a spoon and get in on the action.

The brand just released seven new flavors including—drumroll please—pancakes & waffles.

I can’t think of anything more delicious than combining the flavors of fluffy pancakes, toasted waffles and maple syrup and everyone’s favorite low-calorie summertime treat, so I’ll definitely be hitting up my freezer aisle ASAP to give this new indulgence a proper taste test.

Halo Top

Along with pancakes & waffles, the other new flavors include also mochi green tea, rainbow swirl, cinnamon roll, chocolate-covered banana, candy bar and caramel macchiato.

Wow. That’s a lot to take in!


The new flavors range from 240-360 calories for an entire pint, so this is definitely one indulgent dessert that you won’t leave you feeling guilty.

The editors at BuzzFeed and PopSugar have already given these flavors a try and ranked pancakes & waffles as their favorite—for obvious reasons.

According to BuzzFeed, “It oddly does taste like pancakes and waffles with syrup on top. Ice cream for brunch, y’all.”


But that’s not to say that the other flavors weren’t also amazing, according to the publications’ reviews. All the flavors received positive comments, with rainbow swirl and mochi green tea receiving rave reviews.

Halo Top isn’t the only low calorie ice cream alternative out there. In fact, Breyers recently launched its own healthier ice cream, so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for that brand, too.

You can never have too much guilt-free dessert, after all.

However, it’s important to note that nutritionists don’t necessarily recommend sitting down to an entire pint of ice cream, despite the brand’s marketing advertising the fact that the whole pint doesn’t have many calories.


“My two pet peeves are that it feels like [Halo Top] is highlighting two things: ‘You can eat this entire pint for only a small amount of calories, and look at all this protein!'” Keri Gans, a registered dietitian in New York City, told Time. “No one should eat a whole point of ice cream. We should be sitting down to the recommended serving, which is half a cup. If you want to double it, fine, but you shouldn’t sit down to a pint.”

So, definitely keep that in mind when you dig your spoon into these flavors. But still—don’t hesitate to enjoy these tasty treats in moderation.