Makeup Artist Transforms Into Disney Princesses On Instagram

Disney princesses have been enchanting the public’s imagination for decades. Whether it’s the demure Cinderella or a butt-kicker like Mulan, there’s something for everyone. To show that the love of these characters knows no age limits, Disney even has a new dress shop for adults based on the princesses.

Instagram influencer and makeup artist Hamel Patel of South Carolina already had a sizable online following thanks to her beautiful and brightly colored makeup looks. Recently, she decided to recreate classic Disney princesses herself with a slightly new take. As an Indian-American, Patel incorporates her South Asian heritage with the classic Disney costumes for looks that are vibrant and unique.

Combining traditional Indian attire—like saris and ghagra cholis, Indian jewelry, as well as bold eyes and lips—with the classic colors and props of Disney princesses, Patel dazzles as Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Aurora and Ariel. Her take on the princesses makes the iconic characters more inclusive for kids from different backgrounds.

“Growing up I always wished there was a Disney princess I could relate to, one that represented where I came from….Introducing outfits/makeup looks inspired by the eight original Disney Princesses we all grew up watching, with a little desi [Indian] twist!” Patel wrote in one of her Instagram posts. Take a look at some of creations below.

For Snow White, she coyly bites into an apple while sporting the red bow and dark blue clothing we’ve always seen Snow White wearing.

As “The Little Mermaid’s” Ariel, Patel cleverly adds a fork (or “dinglehopper” as the mermaid princess calls it) to her hair.

For “Beauty and the Beast’s” Belle, Patel alludes to the character with a pop of a yellow sari blouse and a rose. And that jewelry is stunning!

For her take on Mulan, Patel clutches a knife and references being a warrior.

Looking bright in pink as she channels “Sleeping Beauty’s” Aurora, Patel references a dream.

The unmistakable touches of sky blue and the headband make Patel’s Cinderella just about perfect.

Which one is your favorite of Patel’s creations? Stay tuned to her Instagram page for more stunning makeup work.