This hamster has his own tiny bed and it is adorable

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There is nothing the internet loves more than tiny, cute animals. We swear to you. Absolutely nothing. Tiny kittens. Tiny hedgehogs. Tiny dogs that fit in your purse. Tiny dogs wearing sweaters or sunglasses, posing with tiny bow ties, or with faux mustaches. We can’t get enough!

So you can imagine how much the internet flipped out when Twitter user Amberly Dzimira shared a series of photos featuring her tiny hamster and his tiny bed:

Everybody on three… DAAAAAWWWWW!

The hamster in question is Chip, a male teddy bear hamster who “is chill as f,” according to Dzimira.

“I bought my hamster a lil’ bed and now we do everything together,” she wrote in her tweet.

As you can see from her tweets, Dzimira and Chip have been best buds since they were brought together, watching “The Secrete Life of Pets” together, eating together and doing homework together. Or at least Dzimira is doing homework. Chip seems to be happy just chilling in his bed, which he is clearly very reluctant to leave. Apparently hamsters, like humans, are very fond of staying in bed.

The web, of course, shares in Dzimira’s obsession with Chip, as her initial tweet has been retweeted more than 150,000 times and liked more than 500,000 times since she sent it out on Jan. 29. Because—duh—Chip is all that is good and pure in this world:

As if pictures of Chip weren’t enough, Twitter user Katalyn Turner then shared pictures of her own hamster, Chippy, who has his own tiny chair:

Staaaaahp this is too much cute. Turner proposed a play date between Chippy and Chip, and while one other person noted that hamsters don’t always get along with each other, another user insisted that the universe surely would not be cruel enough to give us two cute hamsters with furniture and then not let them have a tea party together.

If a play date is somehow arranged (or refereed), the pictures of these tiny hamsters with their tiny furniture would probably break the internet. Because what could be cuter than a hamster in a bed?

*Unintelligible squealing sounds*

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