These handprint leaf towels are an adorable DIY craft to do with your kids

Your child’s hands are perfect for more than stenciling turkey feathers at Thanksgiving — they make great fall leaf patterns, too.

The MidgetMomma has posted instructions for making DIY tea towels using cute little handprints to create the design.

You’ll want to purchase some blank towels or towels with a small line at the bottom to give yourself the space for your leaf design. Head to your nearest dollar store, or check out these Natural Light Vintage Tea Towels we found at Hobby Lobby for $5.99 each.

Hobby Lobby

As another option, Michaels has a two-pack of white Sack Dish Towels on clearance for $3.37 right now.

The MidgetMomma blog says to avoid buying towels with any texture, so the paint stays put while making these.

Once you have your towels, you’ll need yellow, orange and red paint plus some dark brown paint or a fabric marker to outline and add details to the leaves.

Keep some baby wipes nearby, as you’ll want to immediately clean off your kids’ hands before sending them to the sink for a full washing. Otherwise, you risk them touching the walls or other things with paint still on their hands.

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These make great decorations for your own kitchen, or if grandma and grandpa have birthdays this time of year, the towels will make sweet gifts!

You can even take it a step further and add the child’s name to the towel they made.

Pair the towels with single-color fall towels when hanging on your stove or in your bathroom.

Such a handy, fun DIY project to do with your kids! Get the full instructions here.

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