Warheads sour candy-flavored hard seltzer now for sale

Artisanal Brew Works

If you’re a child of the 1990s or early 2000s, you no doubt remember Warheads, a super-sour candy that was popular with kids and teens. Now, there’s a new way to enjoy them — and just like us, it’s all grown-up.

Crafted by Artisanal Brew Works in partnership with Impact Confections, the company behind Warheads, you can now enjoy the sour flavors of the classic candy in a hard seltzer. Warheads Hard Seltzer has 5% alcohol by volume and comes in four flavors: green apple, watermelon, black cherry and blue raspberry.

The brewery, which also makes a sour ale inspired by Warheads, describes the seltzers on their website as sweet, a little bit tart and “unlike any hard seltzer you’ve had before.”

Warheads hard candies have three distinct sensory phases — the extreme sour phase, the flavor phase and the sweet phase,” they write. “In creating hard seltzers, we sought to be true to the candy, but make hard seltzers that were still drinkable by the pint, which required a delicate balance between drinkability, sourness, flavor and sweetness. Which is why we created our Warheads Hard Seltzers to match the point when the Warheads candy transitions from sour to flavor.”


Warheads fans have clearly been asking about the new seltzer because the brewery addressed some of the questions they’ve received in an Instagram post.

They say the Warhead seltzer is currently available at their Temporary Taproom in Saratoga Springs, New York, and across New York state. You’ll also find them in a few other states, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

The brewery does not ship their seltzers, though, so unless you live in or visit one of the previously mentioned states, you won’t be able to get your hands on the new creation.

If you can’t find any cans of Warheads seltzer where you live, Natural Light makes a sour hard seltzer that is available nationwide. Their sour variety pack includes four flavors: watermelon, green apple, blue raspberry and lemon.

There was also once another adult beverage on the market that kicked up some ’90s nostalgia: Dunkaroos beer, which was brewed with cookies, cream and sprinkles. While it’s sold out now, Martin House Brewing has indicated that they will make more in the future.

Were you a fan of Warheads candies as a kid?


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