These hardboiled egg snacks are a new way to get protein

If you’ve ever gotten “hangry” (hungry + angry), you know all too well what happens when you don’t have food. If you haven’t experienced it, consider yourself lucky, but science has proven it exists — and I can personally verify the same.

And trust me, you don’t have to be totally famished to get pretty upset when you don’t have food. Even just the need for a snack in the middle of your day can set it off. While you could head to a vending machine for a quick bite that’s not so great for you, there’s a new snack in town that might just eliminate your mid-day slump.

Meet PECKISH, offering perfectly boiled free-range eggs that come individually wrapped for $5.50. They also come with a crunchy quinoa-based dip. They are gluten-free, vegetarian, and dairy-free and several varieties are paleo- and keto-friendly as well. Each Peck Pack contains two eggs and is only 160-190 calories, but provides a whopping 11-14 grams of protein.

If you think this sounds boring, it’s actually far from it. You’ll find five different flavors and all sound pretty unique: maple and waffles, fried rice, everything (like the bagel), rancheros and salt and pepitas. Just lower the egg into the included crumbly dip and enjoy! All dips have no artificial ingredients and contain little to no sugar.


Diving a bit deeper into the nutrition and ingredients, let’s look at perhaps the most interesting flavor (at least to me!) — maple and waffles. There are no ingredients you can’t pronounce, just eggs and the waffle dip made of quinoa crispies, coconut sugar, sunflower oil, maple sugar and sea salt. This pack has 160 calories, 11 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and 7 grams of carbs.


You can find PECKISH at select Whole Foods & Whole Foods 365 stores, Fresh Thyme, Erewhon Market and Barry’s Bootcamp. There’s a store locator on PECKISH’s website. Or, subscribe to deliveries so you always have some in your fridge. Get $15 off your first order with code 15PECKS. Shipping is free.

Will you be trying this new way to fight hunger and get a boost of protein? Sounds delicious to us!