Harley-Davidson has a new electric scooter


They might not have the thunderous rumble of a classic hog, but Harley-Davidson’s new line of electric bikes are a lot better for the environment — and they’re pretty sweet looking, too.

Harley-Davidson showed off two new electric concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show and the Winter X-Games in January: an electric “bicycle” and what could be called an electric scooter or moped. Neither vehicle has an official name yet.

The company will also soon debut its LiveWire motorcycle, which is slated to hit dealerships in August 2019. The model comes complete with an easily chargeable battery, automatic transmission and a super cool touchscreen dashboard. These are definitely not your grandfather’s Harley’s.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire
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Harley-Davidson’s two newest ideas, the electric bike and scooter, will serve as a lightweight alternative to the LiveWire — a mode of transportation ideal for zipping through city streets. The models will be particularly suitable for those who either don’t have or don’t want a motorcycle license. Riders can also use the bicycle for off-roading, like a mountain bike.

“These concepts are built with the routine and the rad in mind. They reimagine the urban commute and make off-road experiences accessible – unlocking the city in the process,” the Harley-Davidson website describes.

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Motorcycle makers, Harley included, have taken financial hits in recent years as the 20th century cool of “Easy Rider” and Steve McQueen fades. Many motorcyclists are older and have more disposable income to spend on their hobby. But younger folks are spending their fun money elsewhere. The new electric cycles attempt to bring young riders back by emphasizing sleek design and city living.

Like a car, the electric Harley models will be an investment. While the scooter and bicycle do not have set retail prices yet, the LiveWire starts at $29,799.


For some eco-conscious riders, these new Harley-Davidson offerings might be a better use of money than rentable electric scooter services, like Bird and Lime. Though electric scooters also boast emission-free engines, the bad press surrounding some of those companies seems to keep mounting.

Harley-Davidson seems to have high hopes for its newest products. We’ll soon find out if their latest venture will pay off!

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