There’s Now A Private ‘Harry Potter’ River Cruise That Takes You To The Movies’ Film Locations

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If you’re the kind of “Harry Potter” fan who is still patiently waiting for a Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive via owl, this is the perfect vacation for you: The American travel company Barge Lady Cruises just announced a six-day cruise on the River Thames focused entirely on the magical world created by J.K. Rowling.

The company’s Magna Carta barge fits up to eight passengers in four rooms.

The all-inclusive cruise departs for its first adventure this August, with two trips planned this summer, and it takes passengers to “Harry Potter” filming locations that sit along the River Thames.

Barge Lady Cruises

The cruise begins on land when passengers meet the barge crew at the Hotel Stafford in London.

They’ll enjoy a traditional afternoon English tea before taking off.

Barge Lady Cruises

On the cruise, guests can expect Hogwarts-inspired dinners and trips to film locations like Warner Bros. Studios, Picket Post Close (location of the Dursley home at 4 Privet Drive), the Virginia Water lake and Christ Church Cathedral at Oxford, which served as Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

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But it’s not all “Harry Potter” all the time! Guests will also visit Windsor Castle, one of the British royal family’s homes, and Hampton Court Palace, a Tudor palace.

Aboard the Magna Carta, guests have access to two decks, a hot tub, and mountain bikes.

There is a flatscreen TV and DVD player in each cabin as well (for plenty of “Harry Potter” reruns after your daily adventures!). Each cabin has its own ensuite bathroom, and both the cabins and bathrooms have heated floors to keep things cozy. All meals are provided on board, and cocktails are served alongside dinner on several nights.

Of course, magical adventures don’t come cheap: The barge cruise prices start at $4,190 per person and go all the way up to $39,100 for a private cruise for eight people, according to Barge Lady Cruises.

But if money is no object when it comes to magic, the first Harry Potter Magic Cruise takes place Aug. 5 to 11, while the second one runs Aug. 19 to 25.

Barge Lady Cruises

If you’re interested in being one of the first muggles aboard the barge, reach out to Barge Lady Cruises for more information — and start getting your magical crew together ASAP.

Teacher Turns Classroom Into Hogwarts

We love when educators go the extra mile and do something really cool and unique for their students.

Kyle Hubler, a math teacher at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon, decorated his classroom to look like Hogwarts, so he’s got our vote for Teacher of the Year.

Hubler nailed the “Harry Potter” theme right down to the tiniest of details.

A Tour Of The Set Of Harry Potter
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The classroom’s door is marked, “Platform 9 and 3/4,” and there are ink quills and designated areas for each of the different houses.

Hubler spent more than 70 hours to get the room entirely set up, but it was all worth it when he got to see the students’ reactions.

“The best part was hearing the audible gasps,” the teacher told ABC News. “Their jaws dropped to the floor and they froze for a second and then they rushed in and swarmed everywhere. Kids were in every corner of the classroom. They wanted to look at every detail.”

RELATED: This teacher turned his classroom into Hogwarts:

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