This ‘Harry Potter’ Bath Bomb Tells You Which Hogwarts House You’re In

Another entry in the never-ending parade of “Harry Potter” items for fans everywhere. This time, you can take Harry with you when you get in the bath. Well, kinda sorta.

When you drop one of these “Sorting Hat Bath Bombs” in a tub of warm water, it will reveal your “true house.” The bombs start out as a white ball with red, yellow, blue and green stripes.

Once you drop them in the water, they suds turn from white to red (Gryffindor), yellow (Hufflepuff), blue (Ravenclaw) or green (Slytherin), which represent each of the four Hogwarts houses.

This Instagrammer shows us how it works:

The bad news—Rebecca Lynn, the woman who makes these gems, is currently out of stock. The good news? Look for ’em again on Jan. 1.

Lynn makes a number of other awesome bath bombs, like this galaxy bomb:

And others that have earrings or rings hidden inside:

Or these cute Pokemon-inspired bath soaps:

If you gotta have your Harry Potter bath bomb fix right now, there are options. A company called FizzFairy also offers a similar product, which you can check out on Etsy.

Popsugar notes that WrathOfTheBath has their own Sorting Hat Bath Bomb, too.

Now who’s ready to take a bath?