This teacher turned his classroom into Hogwarts from Harry Potter

Most teachers plan on making the school year as “magical” for their students as possible, but Kyle Hubler, a math teacher at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon, really went above and beyond.

He decorated his classroom to look like Hogwarts, so he’s got our vote for Teacher of the Year.

Hubler nailed the “Harry Potter” theme right down to the tiniest of details. The classroom’s door is marked, “Platform 9 and 3/4,” and there are ink quills and designated areas for each of the different houses.

According to Yahoo!, it took Hubler over 70 hours to get the room entirely set up, but it was all worth it when he got to see the students’ reactions.

“The best part was hearing the audible gasps,” the teacher told ABC News. “Their jaws dropped to the floor and they froze for a second and then they rushed in and swarmed everywhere. Kids were in every corner of the classroom. They wanted to look at every detail.”

We present to you: Hogwarts.

Courtesy Kyle Hubler

The owls, the books—he really thought of everything.

Courtesy Kyle Hubler

Isn’t it exactly how you imagine Hogwarts to be?

Courtesy Kyle Hubler

The classroom’s equipped with everything a sorcerer could need.

Courtesy Kyle Hubler

With the classroom decorated in this way, Hubler hopes his students will be able to form more of a connection with him.

“I just wanted to show them a little aspect of my personality to start bridging the connection between teacher and student,” he told Yahoo!. “It’s not just a one-directional relationship where I’m just imparting knowledge onto them, but we can connect as human beings as well.”

Personally, Hubler has a very special connection to the “Harry Potter” books. He explained to the Huffington Post that the books had a strong influence on him as a kid.

“Being a kid can be tough sometimes,” he said. “There were times when I felt weird and that I didn’t belong to any circle of friends, and reading the books was a way to escape that and feel like I did belong.”

Now he’s using “Harry Potter” as a way to help middle schoolers feel like they belong, too. He also wants to prove that the “magical” is possible.

“I want my students to feel like they can achieve their dreams as well, no matter how big or magical,” he told the Huffington Post. And with a Hogwarts-themed classroom, we have a feeling these middle schoolers will start to believe in their own potential for Harry Potter-level greatness!