‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Love This Gorgeous New Butterbeer Hair Trend For Fall

The “Harry Potter” franchise has spawned everything from kitchen utensils to makeup and home decor. Now, there’s a new beauty trend taking over that pays tribute to everyone’s favorite wizard: butterbeer hair.

The fall hair color is a spellbinding mix of yellows, reds and orange tones influenced by the amber hue of butterbeer, the go-to drink in the “Harry Potter” universe. And the rich hair shade is sure to give Potterheads some magical vibes.

Need inspiration for your “Harry Potter” locks? Just scroll through Instagram, which is full of examples of this viral hair trend — like this picture from Instagram user @hairsthebling:


Of course, how you wear your butterbeer hair is up for interpretation. “Harry Potter” fans can do all-over color or incorporate the multidimensional hue through vibrant highlights or a classic ombre look.

Your butterbeer color can be as subdued or vivid as you want it to be. You can even wear it more naturally if you want. It’s all up to you and your house!

Social media is full of Potterheads who have fallen in love with the butterbeer hair trend. Take a look at this version of the gorgeous Harry Potter-inspired hair color from Instagram user @catkeenam:


Need even more bewitching examples? Check out this take on this twist on the butterbeer hair trend from Instagram user @babyliss_belgium. It’s like you just stepped into Hogwarts yourself!


But “Harry Potter” isn’t the only movie to inspire a gorgeous new beauty trend off-screen. Some fans of Disney’s 2013 animated hit, “Frozen,” couldn’t let go of Elsa’s icy platinum locks and have begun dying their tresses to match. The name of this viral hair craze? Frozen blonde, demonstrated here by @ryabchik.moscow:


So, what do you think of the butterbeer hair trend? Do you think this beautiful hue is absolutely spellbinding, too?