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How To Create A Harry Potter Hogwarts Baby Nursery

This nursery is every muggle's dream room.

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When my wife found out she was pregnant, it didn’t take her long to think of a plan for our son’s nursery. She’s a giant Harry Potter fan, so, naturally, she wanted him to grow up at Hogwarts.

Or at least as close to Hogwarts as a boy in Cincinnati, Ohio, can be!

Over the course of more than four months, Beth and I transformed what used to be a pretty plain guest bedroom into a nursery that was straight out of the Wizarding World.

Despite neither of us being very crafty, we were able to make a few items ourselves using free online tutorials. Nearly every weekend, we spent time (but not a ton of money) at Michael’s, various home improvement stores and even Goodwill, picking out the materials for our DIY items. Everything else came from Etsy, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and the online Harry Potter shop from Universal Studios.

Creating this nursery was a process, but it ultimately gave us something fun and challenging to help pass the months before we met our son. If you want to do something similar for your child — or yourself! — I’ve put together a guide below to the dozens of decorations that make up our little Hogwarts nursery.

1. Platform 9 3/4 Sign Decal (Amazon, $10)

The first thing you’ll see before you step into the nursery is a wall decal that welcomes you to Platform 9 3/4, the secret passageway to the Hogwarts Express. Ours came from Amazon and was a breeze to stick on.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

2. Hogwarts Express Watercolor Printable (Etsy, $3.50)

Speaking of the Hogwarts Express, this watercolor print was one of the best values we found during this project. For $3.50, the artist at ResnyArt sent us digital files in six different printable sizes, spanning from 5-by-7 inches to 20-by-16 inches.

We took the files to the FedEx Print Center near us and they printed it for us on thick cardstock for less than $2. Finally, we got the frame (and all the frames in the room) from Goodwill. We wanted old-looking golden frames for all the artwork and raided several Goodwill stores around us to find them for cheap. We simply cut the backs open and replaced the art inside with our own prints.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

3. Quidditch World Cup Poster (Amazon, $6)

We found the cool 13-by-19-inch Quidditch World Cup poster (shown above) on Amazon for just about $6. The colors on it really pop, and we thought it looked like something a kid at Hogwarts would stick to his wall with no frame. We used removable Glue Dots ($5 at Michael’s) to stick the poster to the wall. (Glue Dots were key throughout the whole project.)


4. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter (Etsy, $20)

This is one of my favorite items in the room. Etsy artist RainbowFancies7 makes personalized Hogwarts acceptance letters. She will do them in whatever color you like (we went with purple throughout the room), complete with a wax seal and a cute string around it, and it’s addressed to wherever your child’s room happens to be in the house (ours reads, “The upstairs room at the end of the hall”).

As for the holder, Beth wanted something that looked like a metal envelope and we found exactly that at Michael’s for $10!

Clint Davis / Simplemost

5. Lumos/Nox Light Switch Decal (Amazon, $5)

Naturally, the spells used for light (“lumos”) and darkness (“nox”) had to be used to control the lights (see above). If you want something more serious than a decal, online stores are full of light switch plates with these spells printed on them. We found our decals at Amazon, and they were a cinch to stick on.


6. Hogwarts House Baby Prints (Etsy, $23)

One thing Beth knew from the start was that she didn’t want to put our baby into a Hogwarts house since we don’t know his personality yet. We wanted to represent all four houses in the room, and these prints of the house animals from Etsy seller WordsOfMyHeart are really cute and came in a downloadable file with four 8-by-10-inch images we printed at FedEx. Again, we found the frames at Goodwill.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

7. Harry Potter Font Wall Decal (Etsy, $42)

The most expensive Etsy item we bought was this 4-foot-wide decal that spelled our son’s name in the iconic Potter font. Seller WordFactoryDesign offers decals from 2 feet ($20) to 6 feet ($75) in one of 28 different colors. The decal took a little measuring and patience to apply but was easy to stick on and looks great. It’s the first thing people usually comment on when they walk into the room.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

8. Hedwig Plush (Universal Store, $35)

Every Hogwarts student needs a pet, and a friend of ours bought us this fluffy Hedwig plush puppet from Universal Studios in Orlando (you can also find it online). It even makes owl sounds that our 80-pound dog was very unsure about!

Clint Davis / Simplemost
Clint Davis / Simplemost

9. Hogwarts Houses Blanket (Homemade)

At our baby shower, we were surprised by our dear friend (and fellow Simplemost writer) Marie with a blanket that represents all four houses with the colors J.K. Rowling gave each one in the books. Marie made the blanket herself using yarns from Michael’s and Amazon.

Clint Davis / Simplemost
Clint Davis / Simplemost

10. Doe Patronus Embroidery Hoop (Etsy, $16)

We felt we needed something to make this part of the wall look less bare, and Beth found this sweet piece of embroidery from U.K. Etsy seller OhanaCentral. Shipping was expensive on this one, but it’s handmade and came from the land that gave us Harry Potter so we figured it was worth it.


11. Nimbus 2000 Broom (Target, $28)

We wanted to find a broom that looked a little more sturdy, but we couldn’t find any reproductions online. Instead, we went with this plastic version from Target that’s meant to be used with a Halloween costume. It looks and feels more flimsy than we’d have hoped, but it looks nice on the wall — and how can you do a Hogwarts room without a broom?

Clint Davis / Simplemost

12. Invisibility Cloak (Society6, $50)

PBteen had an “invisibility cloak” that was really an iridescent throw blanket — but it was too expensive for us. So Beth looked around online for a similar blanket that would look like something from the Wizarding World and found this Twinkle Little Stars throw blanket from Society6, which you can see resting on the glider. It’s one of the more expensive items in the room but it’s heavy, very soft and looks like the kind of blanket that’s destined to be a child’s favorite!

Clint Davis / Simplemost

13. Marauder’s Map Pillow (Etsy, $20)

Beth really wanted the mischief of the Marauder’s Map present in our son’s room, but instead of buying a paper version of it (of which there were several), we went with this handmade throw pillow (pictured above) from Etsy seller SewInspiredStudio. She was one of the nicest Etsy artists we’ve ever bought from, and the pillow fits the room perfectly.

Clint Davis/Simplemost

14. Fawkes Plush (Barnes & Noble, $30)

This was the first item we hung up in the nursery, and it set the tone well. We found this colorful Fawkes plush from Barnes & Noble’s awesome Noble Collection, which includes some great Harry Potter items. We wanted a cage that looked like it had seen some wear, and we lucked out and found the perfect one on sale at Michael’s (normal price: $20). We used a decorative hook from Ace Hardware that’s meant for hanging potted plants from the ceiling.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

15. Hogwarts Curtains (Amazon, $18)

Beth’s mom bought us these Harry Potter curtains from Warner Bros. that feature the Hogwarts crest, Harry’s glasses and some other iconography. We ended up needing three sets of these to cover all the windows in the room. Unfortunately, they’ve since gone out of stock at Amazon, but keep an eye out at for more to become available.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

16. Steamer Trunk (Overstock, $191)

This trunk (pictured above) was probably the hardest thing to find for the room. We knew for the toy box we wanted a trunk that looked like the kind a kid would drag onto the Hogwarts Express, but we couldn’t find a good steamer trunk at a reasonable price from any local antique stores. We stumbled upon this one on Overstock and it was perfect. The list price is nearly $200, but we got it for closer to $150 on sale. The look and size — and the fact the lid won’t come crashing down on his hands — is exactly what we wanted.


17. Yule Ball Poster, Invitation (Etsy, $18.50)

Maybe my favorite piece of art we found on Etsy, this poster shows the majesty of the Yule Ball held at Hogwarts in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Seller WindowShopGal offers the poster in various sizes, featuring either a blue dress (like the book) or a pink dress (like the movie). As a bonus, the print came with an invitation to the Yule Ball, which we stuck to the wall using Glue Dots. Once again, the frame came from Goodwill.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

18. Sword Of Gryffindor (Universal Store, $17)

Based on its size, this Sword of Gryffindor (pictured above) is more like a Dagger of Gryffindor, but it was hard to pass up for the price. It’s definitely a little small and is obviously made of plastic, but it looks pretty good hanging on the wall with some other artwork. As a bonus, the sword lights up and makes a sound when you swing it around, so I’m sure my son will one day appreciate this one most of all the decorations.

Clint Davis/Simplemost

19. Wand Motions Guide Poster (Well Said Creations, $22)

This 12-by-18-inch poster from Well Said Creations is one of my favorite pieces in the room and totally looks like something a new Hogwarts student would need to keep handy. The shop offers it in all four of the house colors. We went with Ravenclaw blue because it was most similar to our purple theme. This is a really nice, minimal piece of art that would work in any Harry Potter fan’s room, no matter their age.

Well Said Creations

20. Dumbledore’s Wand (Amazon, $37.50)

We obviously had to have a wand in a Hogwarts room. We decided to go with Dumbledore’s Elder Wand as a tribute to the great mentor and because we thought it looked the coolest of all the wands in Barnes & Noble’s Noble Collection. The wand is very sturdy and came in a nice display box that just happened to be purple.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

21. Quidditch Set (Target, $27)

We don’t know if he’ll be a jock like Harry, but this set of quidditch balls from Target was a fun addition. They are pretty small but feel solid and have plenty of detail. The display case is a nice touch, too.


22. Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs (Target, $13)

My favorite character in the Harry Potter series is Luna Lovegood, so we had to represent her in the nursery. We found her classic spectrespecs from Target. They look just as funky as the ones she wore in the movies.


23. Sorcerer’s Stone (Amazon, $11)

For the legendary Sorcerer’s Stone, we went with a piece of red quartz we found on Amazon. The piece we bought wasn’t as colorful as it looked in the seller’s photos, so unfortunately it’s not the most eye-catching item in the nursery. There are dozens of colorful pieces of quartz available on Amazon if you want something similar, though.


24. Hogsmeade Village Travel Poster (Etsy, $20)

Etsy has a wealth of sophisticated pieces of art that would look perfect in the Harry Potter universe. Seller MMPaperCo has several gorgeous travel posters for parts of the Wizarding World. We really liked this one of Hogsmeade Village. It’s available in several sizes, ranging from $15-$20. We went with a 12-by-16-inch poster and used a bright frame we found at Goodwill.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

25. Diagon Alley Travel Poster (Etsy, $20.41)

Another great Etsy find was this retro-style travel poster urging you to visit Diagon Alley (pictured above). The artwork is subtle and detailed up close. This one came from seller TheOrigamiFox, who also had other Harry Potter-inspired posters. It ranged in sizes and price from $13-$30. We saved our boldest Goodwill frame for this piece since the poster itself is kind of dark.

Etsy/The Oragami Fox

26. Book Pages (Half Price Books, $3)

Possibly my favorite touch in the entire room is the wall we covered in all the pages of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” I found a very used copy of it in the clearance section at Half Price Books and used an X-Acto knife to cut all the pages out. We then used Glue Dots to stick each page to the wall before layering some more pages on top. We took this idea from PBteen, which has a whole section of Harry Potter DIY projects on its website.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

27. Sorting Hat (Barnes & Noble, $25)

We knew we wanted a sorting hat (obviously, since we didn’t put him into a house ourselves!) and this one from Barnes & Noble has an authentic look and feel. It’s big enough for an adult to wear and even has a working mouth that you can move if you put your hand into the hat.

Barnes & Noble

28. Monster Book of Monsters (Homemade)

We found a couple reproductions of the Monster Book of Monsters for sale online, but they were too expensive and none looked as good as we’d have liked, so Beth and her sister made this one using DIY instructions from Pieces by Polly. The craft requires no sewing, just a hot glue gun, and it ended up looking great and being soft enough to use as a pillow! All it took was some foam, Poly-Fil, parchment-colored fabric and fake fur from Jo-Ann, as well as some googly eyes and felt from Michael’s. Neither Beth nor her sister are particularly crafty, but they had no problem making this impressive piece in less than an hour.

Clint Davis/Simplemost

29. Potions (Homemade)

What Hogwarts dorm would be complete without potions? These were probably our favorite DIY decorations to make. First, we bought some empty glass bottles from Michael’s (they have a bunch of cool options at less than $2 each). Then, we found some free printable labels online for different Harry Potter potions. Finally, to make the potions, we followed a video tutorial from YouTuber JustBeingJayla. She suggested using clear glue for the base, mixing in food coloring and glitter to make them look great. Pro tip: We used cheap glue for ours and the glitter settled at the bottom after a couple days, so you might want to use higher-quality glue. For the Gillyweed, we used fake grass we found at Michael’s.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

30. Flying Keys Lampshade (Spoonflower, $17.50)

We wanted to incorporate the winged keys from “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” but didn’t want to string them from the ceiling. Instead, Beth found this fabric at Spoonflower and glued it to a lampshade we had, giving a nice effect when the lamp is turned on. This fabric is $17.50 a yard and could obviously be used for any Harry Potter sewing project.

Clint Davis / Simplemost

31. Cornish Pixie Plush (Universal Store, $14.95)

Since this particular lamp had a jar at its base that could be filled with anything, we decided to trap a Cornish Pixie inside it! He’s a little hard to see, but this small plush from the Universal Store worked nicely.

Universal Store

32. Chocolate Frog Box (Universal Store, $25)

The Chocolate Frog is a classic treat from the Wizarding World and we represented it with this attractive ceramic box from the Universal Store. It was a little pricey for something that’s basically just an empty box, but it’s a sturdy piece.

Universal Store

33. Azkaban Prison ID (Hot Topic, $10)

You can spot this small item to the left of the train. Hot Topic has a wealth of Harry Potter items and this Azkaban Prison necklace featuring Sirius Black’s prison ID is a neat one. We just happened to stop by the store at the mall and they had a jewelry sale going on, so we got this one and another piece I’ll get to in a moment.

Clint Davis / Simplemost
Clint Davis / Simplemost

34. Hogwarts Express (Universal Store, $17)

When our friend was visiting Universal Studios, she also bought us this nice toy version of the Hogwarts Express. It will definitely be something he can play with, because it rolls with a pull-back motion. Until then, it looks great in the window.

Universal Store

35. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (Universal Store, $11)

Every Hogwarts kid needs some Every Flavour Beans! Beth and I are too scared to try these, for fear we’d get the earwax- or soap-flavored ones, but they do nicely as a decoration. We got ours in a large decorative box from the Universal Store, but you can get them from several stores if you search online.

Clint Davis/Simplemost

36. ‘Free Dobby’ Sign (Homemade)

You can buy a “Free Dobby” signboard online from various sellers for $50-$60 — but we were able to make this one for about $20 total. We found a whitewashed piece of wood from Michael’s, on which Beth painted the letters using a free Harry Potter font we found online and some purple paint. She then strung some twine across the front using a hot glue gun and fastened gray clothespins we also got from Michael’s. We ended up saving a lot of money by doing it ourselves.

Clint Davis / Simplemost
Clint Davis / Simplemost

37. Floating Books (Homemade)

This was one of my proudest contributions and it cost us almost nothing. We had a few old hardcover books laying around, so we decided to do something with them.

First, we found some great free Hogwarts book covers from Paper Trail Design that we printed on paper from Staples that looked like old parchment. Once we’d wrapped the books in the paper, I built the floating bookshelves using a YouTube tutorial from DIY-Crafts. I bought a few flat L-braces and some strong velcro from Lowe’s and these things were done in no time.

Clint Davis / Simplemost
Clint Davis / Simplemost

38. Time-Turner (Amazon, $10)

You can see this item hanging on the bottom set of floating books. Beth stumbled upon this beautiful necklace on Amazon that’s meant to mimic Hermione’s Time-Turner. We were shocked by how high-quality it was for how cheap it was. We were expecting something kind of cheesy looking but this is one of the most attractive fan-made pieces in the room.

Clint Davis/Simplemost

39. Flying Ford Angila (Universal Store, $17)

This is another decoration that he’ll be able to play with when he gets a little older. This toy version of the Weasley family’s Ford Angila from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is battery operated and takes off when you flip a switch. The only thing missing is flight capability.

Universal Store

40. Salazar Slytherin’s Locket (Hot Topic, $15)

You can find this one hanging from the middle set of floating books. This locket, which was one of Voldemort’s horcruxes, was another lucky find at Hot Topic. This necklace is fairly heavy duty, and the locket part is lined with green velvet on the inside. If you’re a proud Slytherin, this is a must-have accessory.

Hot Topic

41. Ramona Ravenclaw’s Diadem (Amazon, $19)

The final item in the room, which you can see resting on the top set of books, was another of Voldemort’s horcruxes. This replica of Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem came from Amazon, and we were stunned by how sturdy it feels and how pretty it looks. I’m not sure why the Amazon reviews are so mixed because we were thrilled with this one.

Clint Davis / Simplemost
Clint Davis / Simplemost

42. Take It All In!

You can take a look around the entire room with this video my wife posted to Instagram.

Now we’ve just got to hope our son is a Harry Potter fan!