10 ‘Harry Potter’-Inspired Recipes To Make Halloween Extra Magical

Everyday is a good day for a “Harry Potter”-themed party. However, Halloween has to be one of the best times to celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter! From a Polyjuice Potion to Golden Snitch Pops and Luna Lovegood’s Pudding, these tasty treats will make you feel as if you are dining in the Great Hall this Halloween!

1. Butterbeer Cookies

Cookies are a staple when it comes to dessert. However, Butterbeer cookies brings the concept of a cookie to a whole new level. This simple kid-friendly dessert from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen will definitely satisfy tastebuds of all ages. Hint: the Butterbeer sauce is basically butterscotch.

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

2. Luna Lovegood’s Pudding

From the bright color, to the edible sparkles, this dessert screams Luna Lovegood. Get the recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Spoon Fork Bacon

3. Treacle Tart

We, of course, had to include a treacle dessert as it is Harry’s favorite dessert! I mean you can’t throw a Harry Potter Halloween party without his favorite dessert present. This particular treacle, from The Sugar Hit, is made with brown butter, rosemary and lemon.

The Sugar Hit

4. Butterbeer Hot Chocolate

Butterbeer and hot chocolate? Say no more! This recipe from Bakingdom would be the perfect drink to keep you warm while passing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters!


5. Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion

While Polyjuice is notorious for tasting bloody awful in the “Harry Potter” series, this Polyjuice Potion from I Knead to Eat is the exception! And it’s a must for any “Harry Potter”-themed party.

I Knead to Eat

6. Licorice Wands

This is a cute and fun way to partake in making a Harry Potter snack without the hassle of baking! We know you’re not supposed to play with your food, but how could you resist casting a few spells with these before indulging in them? Get the recipe from Pastry Affair.

Pastry Affair

7. Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes

You can never have too much Butterbeer when Harry Potter is involved. Especially when Butterbeer is mixed with cupcakes! Sounds like a match made in heaven. To make these cupcakes even more magical, check out the cupcake wrapper. Look familiar? Get the recipe from Sugar and Soul.

Sugar & Soul

8. Candy-Coated Roach Control

Personally, the whole idea of roaches and dessert throws me off. But, we have a feeling kids will love this creative treat from Heather Bailey! Besides, roaches are not actually an ingredient in this tasty treat, this is just a popcorn ball with candied pecans. It is sounding a little better now!

Heather Bailey

9. Double Double Chocolate Cauldron Cake

Double, double toil and trouble, you have to try these Chocolate Cauldron Cakes from Bakingdom. They almost look too good to eat (almost)! These might take a little more effort, but they are definitely worth it!


10. Golden Snitch Pops

And last, but certainly not least! These Golden Snitch Cake Pops are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party, especially a Harry Potter themed party. They are just as shiny as the real Golden Snitch, but definitely better tasting. Although Harry could argue this, considering he caught his first Golden Snitch with his mouth! Get the recipe from With Sprinkles on Top.

With Sprinkles on Top

We also think these treats would be appropriate to celebrate the quickly approaching movie premier of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” hitting theaters Nov. 18.


[h/t: The Kitchn]