Hate Painting Your Nails? Try Spray-On Nail Polish For An Instantly Chic Manicure

Forget about painting your nails. This new beauty trend is all about spraying on the color. Spray-on nail polish is the newest beauty buy to take social media by storm.

Similar to spray-paint, this cool invention is essentially an aerosol can filled with color that can be applied to your nails. Nail bar chain Nails Inc. showed how on their Instagram:

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Before you freak out about how messy this polish can be, you have to see the results for yourself first. These tiny cans give off amazing pigmentation and even coating across the nail. It’s the perfect solution for those who hate painting their nails, or are just simply bad at it (like me). In order to make the polish stick, you need to apply a clear base coat for the polish to adhere properly. This is how the spray-on color will stick to your nails, and not all over your finger tips. Simply start off with a base coat, spray-on your color, allow a few minutes to dry, and rinse with warm soapy water to remove the excess off your hands. It’s that easy.

Nails Inc. also provided some GIFs to show you how it works:




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If you’re worried about possible staining, the website recommends to apply the spray over an old towel or newspaper. You don’t want to end up with bright silver splotches all over your desk or coffee table.

Finish off your freshly applied manicure by sealing in the color with a top coat. This will keep the color looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Want to try this trend out for yourself? Cosmopolitan shared this video so you can see how it’s done:

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