Hawaii Has A Secret Water Slide—And The State Hopes To Keep It That Way

I’m sure Hawaii’s already one of the places to visit on your travel bucket list. But once you see this secret water slide, you may be tempted to book a flight, stat!

This 35-foot water slide on the big island of Hawaii seems like so much fun, but why is it “secret?” By that, I mean, why hasn’t it already become some type of big tourist attraction? There are two reasons, it turns out.


1. It’s Hard to Access

The slide is hidden deep in the Waipio Valley and is one of the best-kept secrets of the Big Island. It can be accessed via the White Road Hike.


The “path” will take you through narrow jungle paths alongside cliffs. You’ll also have to make it through a quarter mile of dark tunnels before reaching your final destination: an extremely steep water slide. Check out this Instagram video posted by @bruchpilot02:


And here’s another by Instagram user @tam_sing.


The concrete structure is actually part of an irrigation system. But when you stumble upon it in the wild, you’ll think it was simply placed there for your enjoyment.

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2. The State Does Not Want Tourists Visiting It—For Good Reason

If you’re about to book a trip to Hawaii right about now strictly to find this slide, I hate to be a buzzkill, but there’s another big reason this slide is a secret. It could be quite dangerous (see the whole “it’s actually meant for irrigation” bit).

The slide’s potential for injury has Hawaii’s tourism association urging visitors not to visit it—and there are reportedly some stiff fines you could incur if found using it.


According to a Hawaii News Now article from 2016 about the growing popularity of the slide, there had yet to be any major injuries reported. However, a similar secret tourist destination on the island of Kauai had seen so many tourist injuries and deaths that the private owner of the land had to close off access to it. Hoping to prevent similar tragedies, the state wants to do what it can to keep the White Road waterslide off tourists’ radar.

Given all the other incredible sights and activities Hawaii has to offer, it seems like we’ll all just have to settle for photos and videos of the slide in action instead.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovcFdKteyBM” /]

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