5 Healthy And Easy Breakfast Smoothie Ideas

Making a full-on breakfast in the morning can be challenging. However, it is important to begin your day with nutrients that can help fuel you and provide you with the energy and focus that you need. Cue the breakfast smoothie!

If you fill them with vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other important nutrients in addition to your fruit, breakfast smoothies can be a quick and nutritious way to start the day.

If you’re looking for some clever ideas, try these five healthy and easy breakfast smoothies that not only taste good, but contain the best morning ingredients.

1. Coffee Smoothie


Looking for a pick me-up? This java-filled smoothie is for you. In addition to coffee, you get a healthy dose of banana, flaxseed, and oats.

Recipe: Diethood

2. Power Smoothie

Tastes Better From Scratch

This nutrient-filled smoothie includes blueberries, banana, spinach, Greek yogurt, and more.

Recipe: Tastes Better From Scratch

3. Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Recipe Runner

Filled with peaches, banana, and green tea, this refreshing smoothie is perfect for a warm summer morning.

Recipe: Recipe Runner

4. Green Breakfast Smoothie

The Baker Upstairs

Peanut butter adds protein to this almond milk and spinach based breakfast smoothie. A bit of honey adds some sweetness as well.

Recipe: The Baker Upstairs

5. Sunrise Breakfast Smoothie

Almost Super Mom

This tropical-flavored smoothie — filled with strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and Greek yogurt — won’t magically transport you beachside, but it will have you enjoying your morning with its creamy and fruity flavors.

Recipe: Almost Super Mom