Heart-shaped ravioli is back at Costco for Valentine’s Day

Heart-shaped pasta at Costco
Facebook/Nuovo Pasta

You could go the obvious route and give your Valentine roses, a box of chocolate or conversation hearts on Feb. 14. But if your Valentine is a pasta-lover, and you’re a hopeless ramen-tic, you need to get to Costco and snag a bag of the limited-time, heart-shaped, cheese-stuffed ravioli.

Pasta and pesto maker Nuovo Pasta is the creator of this fan-favorite ravioli that shows up at Costco this time of year. The red and white artisan heart-shaped pasta is filled with four cheeses — an Italian blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan and aged Asiago.

Nuovo shared the news on Facebook, along with a photo of the adorable raviolis:

After four minutes of boiling the pasta, you’ve got puffy, heart-shaped ravioli that you can top with your favorite pasta sauce. But to make this a gourmet meal, Nuovo Pasta has also shared its recipe for ravioli with vodka sauce, which is made with vodka (the alcohol evaporates when you cook it), heavy cream, Italian tomato paste plus paprika and some grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and chopped parsley on top. Just add a vase of roses at a centerpiece for the table and cue some Frank Sinatra songs.

In addition to the heart-shaped pasta, Costco goes big with other goodies for Valentine’s Day. Other treats you can find in store are festive-cone shaped bags of popcorn from Popcornopolis that contain caramel corn, kettle corn and chocolatey “zebra” popcorn (original price, $34.99). The bags are adorned with the same kind of messages you’d see on conversation hearts — sentiments like “Be Mine” and “U Rock.”

Or, for cookie lovers, Costco sells a crate of Mrs. Fields Valentine cookies (original price, $49.99), and assortment that includes 36 bite-sized cookies in a range of flavors from chocolate chip to macadamia nut; 24 brownie bites in double fudge, toffee fudge and butterscotch blondie; and two heart cookies with buttercream frosting.

Mrs. Fields Valentine cookie box

As it turns out, you can find everything you need for a festive (and indulgent) feast at Costco.

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