Heidi Klum Had The Best Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum has become known for her over-the-top Halloween costumes, but the Queen of Halloween title didn’t come easily. She’s put in a lot of work over the years to maintain her need to continually top the previous costume with each and every passing Halloween, so it’s no surprise that 2018’s costume was more extreme than all the rest.

The supermodel was completely transformed in this year’s Halloween costume. She went from the tall blonde we all know to Princess Fiona from “Shrek.” And she’s completely unrecognizable!

She used heavy prosthetics to create the look, and Klum posted about the entire process on Instagram, teasing fans before finally showing off the big reveal. “OK, everyone. It’s Halloween. Here we go,” she said in a video to get things started:


From there, she posted videos showcasing the prosthetics covering her body and face:


It wasn’t long before Klum didn’t look like herself anymore:


Finally, she revealed her green “skin,” posing alongside her partner, Tom Kaulitz, who joined in on the fun and dressed up as Shrek the ogre:


Once the skin was applied, it was time to add the hair:


Adding lipstick was one of the last steps of the process:


After hours of prep, we got to see Klum looking like Princess Fiona:

Heidi Klum halloween 2018 photo
Getty Images | Michael Loccisano

OK, this deserves a close-up:

heidi klum halloween 2018 photo
Getty Images | Michael Loccisano

Klum and Kaulitz fully committed to these looks!

heidi klum halloween 2018 photo
Getty Images | Craig Barritt

But, of course, that’s what Klum has become known for. For past Halloweens, she has dressed as Jessica Rabbit, an older version of herself and a robot.

Heidi Klum halloween photo
Getty Images | Mike Coppola

It all started in 2000 when she decided to put on a huge Halloween party and invite Hollywood’s finest.

“When I moved to America, I immediately fell in love with Halloween and the spookiness of it. All that was missing was a fantastic party. It felt like a real opportunity for me,” she told The Hollywood Reporter of how her Halloween fame first began.

To encourage guests to come in costumes — and the more outrageous, the better — she took it upon herself to show them what Halloween is all about.

“By me doing crazy, elaborate outfits as the host, my hope had always been that all my guests would follow. And it’s worked because, over the years, people have become increasingly more outrageous with their costumes,” she told the publication.

Heidi Klum's 16th Annual Halloween Party sponsored by GSN's Hellevator And SVEDKA Vodka At LAVO New York - Arrivals
Getty Images | Nicholas Hunt

In her mind, a great costume comes down to dedication and details.

“I love it when people are unrecognizable. I love it when people don’t go halfway. For me, the best costumes are the ones that really give the whole package. They have a unique idea and follow through with all the little details. It’s always all in the details,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

But, above all, you have to do something that feels right for you. “You have to feel amazing in (your costume),” she told USA Today. “You look in the mirror and you’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s good.’ At the end of the day you have to like it yourself, right?”

Definitely keep this in mind when selecting your costume for next year, because if there’s anyone to take advice from when it comes to all things Halloween, it’s Klum.