Heinz Is Making Cadbury Creme Egg Mayo

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Maybe you’d hoped you’d never see the day that this came to exist, or maybe you’ve wished for it all along. Regardless, Heinz has teamed up with Cadbury to create a product so unique that it’s got many people unsure of how to feel. Excited? Disgusted? You tell us.

Introducing: Cadbury creme egg mayo. Yup.

The new mayo made waves on Twitter when Heinz Mayo posted a preview of the product on April 1:

Most people thought that this was a funny April Fools’ joke, but turns out it wasn’t. The brand later announced that this product would be available for a limited time in London.

“We weren’t kidding, Heinz Creme Egg Mayo is a thing! Who wants to try it? OF COURSE YOU DO! Come and see us at Ely’s Yard, Truman Brewery in London from 11th-13th April for free samples of this crazy combo. Only until stocks last,” the brand announced in a tweet:

This news sent fans reeling.

Twitter user @davethegeek had mixed feelings. “Part of me is disgusted. Another part is intrigued to try it,” he said in reaction to the news:

Some people, such as Twitter user @specialblend326 were adamantly against the idea of this, and had the perfect gif to prove it:

Because as Twitter user @DonnyTheDonMega pointed out, this doesn’t seem like it will “work in [a] tuna sandwich”:

However, Heinz pointed out on Twitter that this isn’t meant to be used as a typical mayo. Instead, the brand suggests using it on something sweet, like waffles:

Since the product is available in London now, a few folks have been able to try this strange concoction.

Instagram user @dominiclouisfranks described it as an “amazing, delicious and quite culinary confusing mix of sweet and savoury!”:


While Instagram user @lelly_p described it as “strange but tasty”:


And some were hesitant to say it, but they couldn’t help but like this odd combo. “I must admit, it was delicious. Just the right balance between savoury and sweet,” wrote Instagram user @crifashionnotes:


So, maybe this isn’t as bizarre as it seems, after all — especially once the initial shock wears off.

If you can’t get to London easily, that doesn’t mean you have to completely miss out on the Cadbury creme mayo action. Instead, you can try making a dip that’s full of Cadbury creme egg flavor.

This recipe from Dip Recipe Creations may be missing the mayo, but it does call for cream cheese. Once you’ve got this all mixed together, you can spread it on a waffle or dip cookies, fruit and more into it. Want to get the sweet and savory mix like the mayo version seems to offer? Try dipping pretzels, chips and more into this if you’re feeling extra adventurous:

Dip Recipe Creations

And if you’re interested in trying even more unique creations from Heinz, be sure to see what their latest Kranch sauce is all about.

Would you try Cadbury creme egg mayo?

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